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Play Dining

Experience a refined new culinary approach paired with world-class nightlife and entertainment as Play Dining Group continues the legacy of bringing upscale luxury venues to life.

Brainchild of a team of industry specialists, innovators, and distinguished hospitality experts, launched in 2016, PLAY Restaurant & Lounge entered the luxury-dining scene with the ethos of creating the ‘emotional dining experience.’ Boasting stunning interior décor and a unique approach to Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, PLAY quickly accumulated popularity and numerous accolades as a Dubai-based luxury-dining brand. PLAY’s formula quickly became a strong blueprint for success, allowing them to launch a second location in Bahrain and a pop-up in Cannes. 

Witnessing the raging success of the three operational outlets and having pioneered the art of providing a multitude of extravagant experiences to the customers, the group is well en route to expanding its footprints further across the globe, including taking up residency in Los Angeles, London, Maldives, Jeddah, and Riyadh in the coming years.

Renowned for setting great benchmarks in the industry, Play Dining Group’s arrival in the UAE with their flagship venue was poised to elevate the dining experience several notches. It introduced its 3 pillars, which outlined dining, entertainment, and celebration as the core to the brands foundation. PLAY then delivered a venue that redefined the balance between elite dining, artistic entertainment, and nightlife with a first-of-its-kind mainstream dinner show entertainment concept. PLAY has earned a reputation for developing an originality factor for its ever-evolving brand. Their unique approach created the ideal canvas to make it a culinary artist’s dream as it allowed them the freedom to showcase the upper limits of their creativity. In the near future, PLAY is preparing for the next phase of its dining experience with plans to launch an all-new menu that will underline the groups playful new approach to avant-garde cuisine.

Noor Badaro Director of Brand and Communication commented: “The Play Dining Group has created a legacy of introducing luxurious never-seen-before hospitality concepts to the region. Further, with the addition of five PLAY outposts across the globe, we are confident of setting new standards of offerings globally for our customers to enjoy.”

The core of The Play Dining Group’s success ultimately stems from its identity as a native brand of the United Arab Emirates. Every facet of Play Dining Group’s structure, from its local shareholders to inherent pride for its nation have aided in crafting the Play Dining Group trendsetting philosophy. Throughout the pandemic the U.A.E government’s protocols and swift action on tackling the situation acted as an inspiration for the founders to adopt the same solution seeking strategy. For both Play Dining Group and the U.A.E it is evident that formulas based on action and out of the box thinking can create strategies/practices that usher thriving versus simply surviving hardships. 

Dedicated to the evolution of ideas, Play Dining Group has always been motivated to elevate luxurious dining, day life as well as nightlife experience for their customers. Built upon years of proven success and prestige, the group conceptualises venues that cater to a vast demographic from those who prefer daytime dining/poolside luxury aspects that seamlessly transform into ultimate evening soirees to the customers seeking one-of-a-kind nightlife extravaganza and all perfectly tied together with refined gastronomical expeditions. 

Day Life

The day life experience at PLAY offers an immersive experience paired with a cutting-edge style of service that caters to those seeking to indulge in life and leisure under the sun. The ambiance creates a unique atmosphere coupled with powerful aesthetics, innovative F&B, unmatched spectacle for the bold diner, and an exclusive approach to forging an experience that clients will seek and remember forever. This signature component has been a staple of the Play Dining Group’s methodology since its inception and incorporated across each of its venues.


With innovation at the helm, Play Dining Group’s goal has always been to transform the dining experience with the most extraordinary culinary artists making it a union of the highest standards and a lively ambiance for the adventurous diner. The Play Dining Group takes pride in curating custom menus across all its venues, crafted to tantalise the senses and showcase avant-garde cuisine redefining the culinary approach.


Play Dining Group’s sole objective is to set new standards for entertainment in the regions it operates. The group’s knack for fine-tuning intricacies associated with showcasing mesmerising live shows paired with elite VIP services and delectable dining options has set its venues at the forefront of nightlife destinations. 

Customers can look forward to an atmosphere of effortless indulgence combined with the most refined live entertainment. Its venues are a sanctuary for everyone who approaches life more playfully, enabling them to relax, socialise, and celebrate in the most elegant environment stimulating the senses. 

PLAY welcomes people from all walks of life. However, the place has become the go-to entertainment and hangout spot for the most well-known socialites, fashion trendsetters, art lovers, celebrities, and prominent figures from the business world. All PLAY Dining Group locations are currently open for dinner from 8:00 PM until late at night.

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