Top 5 sweet treats to savor in Egypt

Egypt is a spectacular country that is known for its rich history and magnificent ancient gems, but Egypt is much more than that. It is a place with refreshing blue shores, expanding golden dunes, architectural tours, and the never-ceasing night life. But there is something much more alluring about the country that leaves its visitors wanting for more, the traditional sweet treats of Egypt. Food in general, when related to Egypt is an exquisite combination and when it comes to desserts, Egypt is undefeated.

1. Qatayef
Also referred to as Atayef, is a dessert served mostly during Ramadan. It is very similar to a normal pancake usually filled with sweet cream or a homemade filling of nuts. I remember trying this dessert at an iftar party a while back and I promise you I fell instantly in love with these little pancakes with creamy surprises. These little wrappings are either pinched into cone shapes or are enclosed entirely and fried or baked. It is traditionally served alongside a sweet syrup like a dip but really you can eat it how you like it. The sweetness isn’t too much and the flavors balance out so well allowing you to have more of these scrumptious desserts.

2. Kahk
Also known as as Kahk-al-Eid, are these small, circular and buttery cookies which is an Egyptian original treat. Kahk cakes date back all the way to the ancient Egyptian times since the original recipe was found in the Giza’s Great Pyramid of Khufu and there are visual proofs of Egyptians making these cakes in the ruin of Memphis and Thebes temples. Kahk is also a traditional dessert for Eid-ul-Fitr, after the end of Ramadan. They are also served in Egypt during festivals such as Easter, Christmas and also for wedding ceremonies. Kahk usually comes with delicious fillings such as dates, pistachios, honey and nuts but the signature ingredient of the cookie is the dusted icing sugar on top!

3. Loqmat-Al-Qadi
Although this is a Middle-Eastern dessert, you will always find this mouthwatering sweet dish in Egypt. With its origin from Greece and Turkey, the dish is ultimately served drizzled in honey, dates syrup or even Nutella. And if you like it, it’s even served with cinnamon. During DSF, Dubai Shopping Festival, you will always find stalls of this scrumptious dessert being served sweet and warm. I’ve liked them with syrup as well as Nutella with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. It’s a must for me!

4. Basbousa
This one is an authentic Semolina cake with yoghurt, that is almost so soft that it kinda melts in your mouth. It is prepared with coconut, yoghurt, and Semolina, which is then drizzled with lots of sugar syrup as well as garnished with nuts of your choice. It is one of the easiest recipes to make and the most lip-smacking dessert as well.

5. Roz Bel Laban
This dish has the liberty of being served sweet and savory but I know my dearest sweet tooth readers would love the sugary version. Created during a historic time in Cairo, this original dish is a rice pudding with a lot of varying ingredients integrated to give off different flavors such as honey, rose water, cream and many more spices. It can be served either warm or cold and this dessert is one of the most popular delicacies of Egypt.

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