It’s Going to be Okay

Going to be Okay

It’s 3 Am and it wasn’t easy for me to write this. I remember the day I turned 23 on the 19th of November last year…I thought the world was going to end. I’m not exaggerating when I say this…but turning twenty-three freaked me out. Usually when we keep progressing with our age, that familiar satiating feeling of having achieved everything is what we should all feel. Whether it is moving into your new apartment, getting home a cat and having an exciting new endeavour while buying yourself a new car….23 and above are the ages where everything falls into place.
But in my case? I was doomed. And that feeling of doom wasn’t necessarily a depressing one, but it was somewhere in between ‘okay’ and ‘not too okay.’ Wanting to spend the day alone,

I excused myself from my parents and decided to spend the day I’d want to. I took myself out to eat, bought myself a new book and went to places that made me happy. Still…I wasn’t feeling excited, let alone happy. The thought about wanting to put an end to it all suffocated me and suddenly I was feeling guilty about not having done enough back when I was much younger. Maybe if I hadn’t wasted a portion of my life feeling sorry for myself…I probably wouldn’t be in this position right now.

Suddenly…I felt a sudden force wash over me. It felt like I was being hugged and comforted by someone with a divine aura, telling me that all is going to be okay. More than okay. That all good things always come to me, 24/7. I was no longer worried but proud. I went on my first solo trip to France and Georgia; I won a cash prize of 100K during the DSF shopping festival and got several exciting opportunities that truly nurtured my creativity. It’s okay for us to have days where we don’t feel ourselves. It’s okay to have days where you just want to express what you’re feeling in the moment that you’re in. But do keep in mind that good things always come to you. All day…every day.

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