Kinan Salameh: Infinite Content Creator


A pharmacist by education and TV presenter by profession. His career started in

Syria and he worked as a broadcaster as well. He is most known for being a social

media influencer especially on Instagram where he creates content that provides

information and knowledge about health and fashion.

Kinan … you have studied Pharmacy – was that what your passion?

Yes – it was my dream to become a pharmacist when I was a kid. I always loved making chemical mixtures for research purposes and enjoyed the period in which I studied pharmacy – in fact I am so proud of it.

How did you enter the field of media and TV?

When I was a school student, I headed the media section of the student’s union. I also used to attend courses about media. In college, I applied at one of the Syrian TV stations and I got accepted as a trainee.

How did you decide to move to Dubai?

It was one of my dreams to move and live in Dubai and I took the decision when I reached a state where I couldn’t develop anymore where I lived. Dubai is a place where you can reach more people and do more things … It is the best place to live in and for anyone to develop themselves.

What were the difficulties you faced in Dubai?

A lot of competition – I actually came to Dubai to have a complete makeover to my life … everyone is clever here and everyone is talented, so you actually need to do more than anywhere else to reach somewhere. I have started from zero and now I am glad I am totally self-sufficient.

From pharmacy to media, modeling, and blogging … which domain do you most find yourself in and why?

I tried to utilize my education in pharmacy in media so the content I produce includes some interesting medical and pharmaceutical information. I won’t call myself a blogger honestly … I see myself as a program presenter mostly.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I don’t process like that – I do not like to think that far … I put more into the now and what I should be doing today … I am so proud of what I am doing and I am sure I will be a successful person.


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