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A Tunisian media specialist, studies English literature and masters a number of languages. She joined a number of courses in journalism, and TV presenting to move thereafter to work as a reporter for a TV channel then a radio broadcaster for a program that has become one of the most popular programs on radio.

Can you tell us about your education?

I studied English literature and languages. My family actually chose that for me as I originally wanted to study media, but they didn’t let me.

From Languages and Literature to Media, how did you make this transition?

In fact, it was not a transition, it was a postponement. I always wanted to study and work in the media. My family wanted me to study literature and I wanted to study media, so I finished literature then I studied media. That was a realization I had to accomplish anything I had previously postponed … I decided to follow my passion. I used to work during the day and study in the evening for four whole years and then I actually started to work as a correspondent for a number of TV channels in the UAE.

How did you make the decision to move from Tunis to Dubai?

Since I was in college, I decided to leave Tunis and pursue my career in Dubai … this is how I saw myself and my future.

What were the difficulties you faced in your professional career?

There were no real problems, but the difficulty was not having a day off other than weekends for four years … that was really hard.

How did you get into broadcasting?

I never thought about radio broadcasting … It happened by chance when panorama FM called me and asked to cover for another broadcaster during Eid … they liked my accent and the way I presented so they decided for me to stay and gave me a special program.

Can we see Nuha in front of the camera one day as a presenter or as an actress?

I love acting and I also study theater acting from which I learned a lot … as a TV presenter of course. In fact, you will, very soon, see me on TV.

What acting roles interest you and do you wish to take?

I love horror movies and action movies … I think the best role would be something that doesn’t look like me in real life at all … a role that is challenging for me to take … I would do that.

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