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Syrian media specialist, holder of a master degree in English literature from the University of Damascus. She started her career in media in the Syrian TV as a reporter and new editor. She then became a reporter to Dubai TV and shortly thereafter she moved to Dubai and joined Emarat Al Youm at its early stages. She is currently working in MBC as a producer in Sabah el kheir ya arab (good morning Arabs) and she presents a weekly episode on TV.

How did you specialize in media? Have you studied it or it started as a hobby?

I have been brought up in a media influenced family. My father is a writer and content creator, so I have always been quite familiar with interviews for newspapers or TV. I loved this domain because of my father. I studied English literature then I studied media and worked in journalism for a while then moved to TV and I have been working for MBC for 10 years now.

Was entering the media domain easy or have you faced some difficulties?

No it was not easy at all – as I told you, I have started in journalism as an editor in Emarat al Youm which is an experience I am very proud of. I have learned the basic principles and skills of journalism that any journalist must have. I carried out a lot of interviews with high profile figures then I moved to TV and worked in events coverage .. it was not easy in the beginning too.

Who was the first artist you interviewed? Please describe the experience

My first interview was with the Kuwaiti actress Hayat al Fahad. I was quite nervous and tense but I prepared for the interview very well and did my exercise in collecting information and researching about her. The interview was a success and I remember it with great joy … step by step, it became too easy for me to interview celebrities and artists … I now know the keys to every personality and the best way to interview a celebrity.

You are a TV presenter, a wife and mother at the same time. How can you balance your professional and personal lives?

It is difficult and requires a lot of energy because I am a perfectionist so I spend more time at work, but I do my best to attend to my household … take care of my kids in all aspects and spend some quality time with them. I try my best to spend every weekend with my family.

Have you ever felt that you are missing out with your family duties due to your work?

I have never felt that my work represents a risk to my family as I always manage to balance regardless of the difficulties.

What is your favorite fashion, hair styles, and makeup? 

I like simplicity with a statement without exaggeration. I do not like strong colors


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