Life in the “clouds”: Behind the iconic MYNEANDYOURS artwork’s first-ever facelift at Expo 2020 Dubai’s ‘talabat Kitchen’

Talabat Kitchen

Talabat the region’s leading food delivery and q-commerce platform, and the Official Food Delivery Provider for Expo 2020 announced its collaboration with Marwan Shakarchi, the Dubai-based street artist known as Myneandyours, mostly recognised for his thought-provoking cloud symbol. For the first time since the artwork’s debut, his iconic clouds received an in-line-with-the-times facelift on the façade and interiors of talabat’s innovative, two-storey “talabat Kitchen” at Expo 2020.

It was 17 years ago on the streets of London that Shakarchi started a movement with the first drawing of his iconic clouds that have been triggering interest for having an “X” in the place of each eye, with the aim of persuading the viewer to develop a subjective line of reasoning, and awaken a sense of curiosity. This year at Expo 2020, Shakarchi decided it was the right time to explore a new side of the clouds while staying true to Myneandyours’s raison d’être – a tool of empowerment, freedom of interpretation and a representation of the idea that everything we see around us is ‘ours’ and not the sole property of anyone.

Commenting on the collaboration, Shakarchi said: “Working with a brand like talabat felt right. While the collaboration might be obvious because my trademark clouds can be seen on talabat’s innovative, two-storey cloud kitchen at Expo 2020, there is actually much more to it. Just like my clouds impacted receivers’ in ways they cannot see over the years, so has talabat who today is part of the evolution of humanity, reflecting the power of the digital age.”

He added: “It was also the right moment to showcase my work to millions of visitors at Expo 2020, a powerful platform that resembles more than just world-class innovation, but also human resilience and most importantly, hope. Expo 2020 presented the right mix for me to expose the evolution of Myneandyours and share a different side of it.”

“Since the start of the pandemic, everyone has gone into a shell and retracted when they were faced with a new reality. It’s nice to come back with a big bang and impact, to simply get out of my comfort zone, just like many people have during these past two challenging years. This simple facelift is more of a symbol of liberation, and I wanted it to be part of the celebration as the world has come together at Expo 2020.”

talabat’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sonia Lekhal echoed Shakarchi’s sentiment: ‘When we saw Marwan’s designs – and his vision for our façade, we were instantly hooked. It was eye-catching, relatable, and overall has a sense of fun, and liberation – celebrating the world coming together again after a couple of life-changing years. We would like to show our appreciation to Marwan for giving his iconic cloud symbol a different perspective, in-line-with-the-times that we live.

‘We are also very proud to work with local Dubai artists to continue to give them exposure on the world stage. It’s in our DNA – having been born in Kuwait in 2004, and in the next 17 years becoming a regional organisation, to give our local communities the love, support and exposure that they truly deserve.’

Marwan’s clouds can be seen on the “talabat Kitchen” façade and interiors that is over 1,900 square meters in size and spread across two floors at Expo 2020. Located adjacent to Jubilee Park in the Sustainability District, talabat’s cloud kitchen will be home to over 30 of the UAE’s most loved restaurants during the six months of the mega event.

talabat is showcasing the future of food delivery at Expo 2020, delivering through autonomous delivery robots and e-scooters across as well as inviting customers to enjoy a full talabat experience at its two-storey space through dine-in, food and convenience item pick up from smart lockers, as well as a fully automated robotic ice-cream confectioner and barista.


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