Masterpiece Fine Art, collaborates with UAE based Alexandra Gallery to showcase a contemporary pop-up art exhibition of established and emerging artists

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Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai is proud to announce its first ever collaboration with UAE based Alexandra Gallery, for an exclusive exhibition titled VISIONARY: Art & Dreams that will be on display until the 9th of September at Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai Gallery Two in Wafi City.

Co-curated by directors Alex Cousens from Masterpiece and Alexandra Timorina from Alexandra Gallery, VISIONARY: Art & Dreams is a mixed media show of paintings and sculptures displaying distinguished, contemporary art pieces with strong form and bold colour. A host of incredible talent is showcased including Dubai based artists Alena Vavilina and Mary Noga, as well as internationally accomplished and emerging artists Daria Kolosova, Alexey Kanis, Alexander Dedov, Denis Kulikov, Tony Seker, Andrew Kuzantsev and Yulia Mamontova.

The exhibition of curated works uncovers creativity in new forms, in particular from Dubai-based Polish artist Mary Noga, who’s alluring femme fatales are rendered from her imagination in colourful and minimalist backdrops that focus on the portrait as a means of psychological conveyance. Also created out of Dubai, Alena Vavilina’s rendering in two-and-three-dimensional works of art echo the exhibition’s core thematic. A testament to quality and skilled workmanship realised from within the visions and dreams of the artists, the artworks by Yulia Mamontova, Daria Kolosova and metalworks by Alexander Dedov appeal to refined tastes, whilst American-Lebanese painter Tony Seker takes viewers on a journey through expressive and rhythmic brush strokes. Further visionary work demonstrated by Andrew Kazantsev consists of polygonal constructions accentuated by a monochromatic, clean, sharp finish and dramatically contrast the language of Denis Kulikov, whose alien-organic metalwork transform common vegetal icons into suggestive & minimalist bold forma which grow into their surrounding space.

Known in the region to showcase legendary and historical artists, Masterpiece Fine Art intends to combine the old with the new through this exciting collaboration that shines a limelight on new age, contemporary artists showcased in the modern areas of Dubai like DIFC. Through this initiative, both Masterpiece and Alexandra Gallery aim to diversify Dubai’s art-scene by bringing international artists to the UAE and providing much deserved exposure to up and coming local talents.

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