Mestaria Gallery

Mixed Media Art Exhibition will run from 11th-25th December in Alserkal Avenue

British artist Tom Butler, known for his show-stopping collages, will be exhibiting in Mestaria Gallery this December. His exhibition “IconiCity” is dedicated to Dubai and its iconic skylines; the city’s best architectural achievements captured through his image making.

Upon first look, Butler’s work is an accomplished contemporary representation of some of the Dubai’s most well-known cityscapes, but on second look, and third, a rich, detailed and often humorous narrative emerges.

Butler creates this narrative with an expert use of characterisation; the people that occupy his scenes, a stylised representation of society that has often been compared to L.S. Lowry, are complemented and modernised with Butler’s collages.

This inclusion of collage in the form of a range of materials: newspaper text, crossword puzzles, slogans or a single word, layers scenes into his work, adding depth and intrigue, and enabling people to create a connection with the work.

His paintings of Dubai seek to depict the city in way not seen before through commercial art – one that recognises both its heritage and modernism, harmonising both the old with the new, and connecting with a variety of audiences: residents, tourists and even children who like searching for things they recognise in the art.

The exhibition will feature originals and print editions including: Luminocity, Golden Glow, Moor to Life, Hide and Souk and Marina Lights.

Exhibition details:
Exhibition: IconiCity by Tom Butler

Dates: 11th – 25th December 2021

Location: Mestaria Gallery Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Timings: Saturday – Thursday 10am – 7pm, closed on Fridays.

For more information please visit:

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