MESTARIA GALLERY PRESENTS “ODYSSEY” BY MIKE ARNOLD Exhibition will run from 5th March to 27th March 2022


Dubai-based artist Mike Arnold, will launch ‘Odyssey’ on March 5th; his new, exclusive and unseen collection dedicated to the journey that we all take through life; both physically and spiritually, personified by the incredible progress of the UAE in his distinctive impressionist style.  

In ‘Odyssey’ Mike paints monochromatic scenes inspired by a deep connection to the UAE’s richness – its history, people, and dramatic natural environment. He uses his canvas as a platform for interpreting the atmosphere of life’s experiences and journeys in the Emirates, exposing the unique light reflected both in familiar locales alongside spectacular, distant landscapes and intimate personal moments. His paintings are structured to bring forward the feelings of remote imagery to the power of the present space.

 Painted with a palette knife, the artworks are extremely striking; black on white with the occasional flourish of gold leaf. The paintings have you leaning in to explore and enjoy their incredible details; undulating desert landscapes and caravans, coastal life above and below the blue gulf waters, and life portraits of the wizened and weathered adventurer fill his exhibition. In his new body of work, he chases the light and energy of life’s journey that has transformed the nation and captures it to reveal the essence of their hard-earned lessons.

Mike himself, has had an incredible journey in the UAE, too. In 2012 he completed his 40-year career in architecture to pursue a lifelong passion for painting and exchanged his drawing board for an easel, his design office for an artist’s studio.  He works from his studio in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. 

His works are found in the collections of prominent Middle East art collectors, including members of the royal families.  His works can also be found in collections across the US and Europe.

Exhibition details:

Exhibition: Odyssey, by Mike Arnold

Dates: Saturday 5th March to Sunday 27th March 2022

Location: Mestaria Gallery Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Timings: 10am – 7pm Daily

Photo by: Mike Arnold – Seeking Treasure

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