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The winter nights are exceptional with its cool temperatures, staring into the starry night, hugging your cardigan closer as the chilly breeze gets a bit stronger, feeling the tip of your nose going numb and rosy, but the night wouldn’t be complete without some warm flavorful treats. Midnight snacks always hit differently and especially during a winter night and there is not much convincing required. When you find yourself working late, lost in your thoughts, or starstruck by the beauty of the night, here are a few selections to comfort you and keep you company through the sparkling season.
This is a perfect duo of a mouthful bite of soft, crunchy and a splash of flavors of a treat. The best part is, it’s a quick snack, to make and eat as well. All you need is a bunch of crackers, the softest marshmallows and some of your favorite chocolate bars. This can be made in bigger batches for your whole family or in very small portions just for yourself. The warm oozing chocolate mixed with the melting marshmallow, sandwiched by the crackers… Oh the delight!

Mug Cakes
This has to be one of the most fun and creative snacks to make and munch on at literally any time of the day. Mug cakes can be made with your favorite biscuits mashed with milk and some sugar, or they can be started from the scratch, with some flour, an egg and the desired cake flavors. Overall, this snack doesn’t take more than two minutes to prepare and the taste is absolutely devouring!

Nutella Brownie
Brownies are one of the best creations of mankind, and when it is combined with Nutella, oh yes! Nutella is something to be eaten straight out of the jar even though few may disagree. But, to have a dessert made of the wholesome hazelnut chocolatey mix, slightly underbaked, just enough to create a crackly surface and fudgy insides, has to be one of the best things to polish off on a wintry night along with a warm glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream if you’re feeling frisky.

Hot Chocolate
The prettiest of the beverages, the tastiest of chocolates and the most known drink ever to exist. Hot chocolate stands up to its name and sometimes, it tends to exceed the expectations. Its thick and slow swirling chocolate, the little marshmallows bobbing in and out of the delectable liquid, the wafting scent of rich chocolate, and lastly the cloud of whipped cream towering above the brim of the cup so proud and elegantly is a yummy dream of both children and adults alike. Imagine a beautiful night paired with this cup of warm wonder. Sometimes, it gets more exciting with the addition of hot chocolate bombs!

Strawberry and Melted Chocolate
This one is romantic, whether you have company or you’re by yourself, it’s the perfect combination of sour and sweet and in fact a wonderful way to celebrate the last few nights of this year. The top coat of thick chocolate cracking up into the citrusy fruit as the two flavors engulf over every little taste bud is a mouthful bite everyone deserves. Preparing it is just as much intimate and relaxing as it is to wash it down. The dipped strawberries can be refrigerated to cool off and let the chocolate harden or it can be consumed with the oozing and melting chocolate dripping off the fruit.

To all the chai lovers here, this would be the ideal time of the year to have as much chai as you wish and no one would dare stop you. In fact, anyone and everyone will always be up for a cup of chai in a heartbeat because what could be more comforting than a warm beverage made from freshly ground dried tea leaves, spices of all sorts with an irreplicable aroma and last but not least, the unparalleled taste that floods with such rich flavors? Literally nothing. Picturing a cup of this glory, on a cold night, as the steam swirls out of the cup and into the winds of the chill breeze, as the taste awakens your senses to the world that is tight asleep tucked away in their homes while you gaze into the darkness sipping on your sweet tea, as your mind keeps you company is a moment to never forget or to experience at least once in a lifetime.


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