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It is common knowledge that everyone always has at least one place in their bucket list which resides within the USA that they wish to visit. Many of us may not have visited the States, but we surely know a lot about it through movies, books and social media, because somehow we get looped into the thought that someday we could live there, become a part of the fantastical vision we’ve seen growing up. The USA is a vast place to just nitpick a few places, because I know I’ve got a never-ending list, but here are the top 6 places one must visit and experience at least once.

1. Portland, Oregon
Jumping straight to the point, this is where most of the Twilight scenes set in Forks, Washington was shot. No one can convince me that you’re not excited to see the Cullens home, Bella’s home, the little restaurant she eats at with her father, the high school, and my personal favourite, La Push, which is originally called the Indian Beach. Portland will nostalgically transport all the Twilight fans straight into the fiction they once lived just in their heads.

2. Museum of Death, Los Angeles, California
For those that love crime horror, serial killer documentaries and unsolved murder cases, Museum of Death welcomes you. The museum comprises of serial murderer artwork, crime scene pictures, autopsy videos, cult recruiting videos and many more death videos that are absolutely bone chilling. Cases ranging from the Manson murders to Black Dahlia are available to the visitors. Surely it’s not a place for the faintest of hearts, but it is completely captivating for those that listen to true horror podcast just because they are bored in the middle of the night.

3. Las Vegas, California
This is pretty self explanatory. Who doesn’t want to go to Vegas? It is the beacon of everything fun and unexpected, the two best ingredients for time well spent. With its never-ending casinos, luxurious hotels, clubs, music, booze, and non-stop partying, Vegas has every little pleasure any human craves.

It’s one thing to buy NASA merch from Amazon and a completely different thing to go on a tour of the space centre and learn so much about the previous missions and the space above. NASA is a spectacular spot to visit with prior bookings if you’re a space lover, a future astrophysicist or astronomer or simply a space enthusiast like me.

5. Pandora: The Avatar World
Walt Disney World beholds the most magical spots for those that love the world of Pandora from the James Cameron film, Avatar. Every little detail about the movie is so spellbinding. Avatar depression is in fact a real thing. At the end of the Avatar movie, the viewers are instantly hit with a feeling where they truly desire to be a part of a world like Pandora and the sheer pain that gnaws at their heart when it strikes them that Pandora is a fictional place, is the Avatar depression which has been the talk. For people who wish to see a snippet of Pandora with their own eyes and not through a screen, can book a visit to Walt Disney World, for an unforgettable experience a world that only exists in our hearts and minds.

6. The Queen’s Ball, New York
My dearest Bridgerton fans, to our unfortunate timing, we no longer live in a time where balls, promenading, courting and presenting yourself gracefully in the society exists anymore, at least not in the way we want. But the Queen’s Ball in NYC, is here to give us a chance to experience the noble life, where you can waltz around in pretty gowns, curtsy before the Queen and find yourself immersed in a fantastical world, even if only for a day.


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