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Brimming with creativity, talent, curiosity and a mind full of ambitions, one of the most well-known individuals in his field, Omer Rasool, brings forth the true essence and beauty of putting together a wide range of events internationally. From a short interaction with the co-founder of Omer Rasool Events, I found him easy to communicate with, he was warm to approach and absolutely humble for a person as successful and renowned as himself. He is an inspiring individual who always finds potential where there is creativity, because creativity is unique to everyone and as Omer’s says it, “I believe in creativity having no boundaries.” He has ventured through the vast field of events managing, from volunteering, managing as well as providing consultations for events within UAE as well as globally.
Passionate, hard-working, and oversensitive, are the words Omer describes himself as. It takes passion and love for what he does to flourish and where there is love, there you’ll find creativity and originality, and in Omer’s words, “When work aligns with your passions, it becomes an integral part of your identity and lifestyle. You find a sense of fulfillment in pursuing your passions, and seamlessly work integrates into your overall life rather than feeling like a separate entity.” He considers his oversensitivity as one of his strengths because this allows him to pay attention to every tiny detail of his work and take the important things seriously, which has given him the opportunity to explore his capabilities in his personal as well as his professional life. He is also someone who believes in hard work being the formula for success because of how the positive outcomes only pushes him more towards his goals. When posed with the question, what is his favourite part of his job, he expresses with utmost delight that the job is beautiful on its own because event styling is the ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. But the favorite bit of his work is witnessing the reactions of the attendees as they interact with a thoughtfully styled event as they have a wonderful time in ae in a space he designed.

The Omer Rasool Events caters to a variety of cultures for a multitude of different events, ranging from, evening parties, weddings, engagements, and many more. Quality results take lots of research on their client’s culture, traditions, colors, symbols, patterns, etc. But, aside from their research, they also converse with their clients which in most cases provides vital information on their desired theme or aesthetic. Omer establishes that it is one of the most important parts of running an event managing business and, in his words, “Cultural sensitivity, respect, and open communication are key to creating memorable and authentic experiences for clients from diverse backgrounds.” He talks about one of his favorite experiences working for a client, which is one of the most admired couples of TikTok, Nora and Khalid. The grand event was set in Bab Al Shams, rich with the cultures of the bride and groom, as well as impressively interactive with the guests such as jumping castles for the adults, flower stations where people can make their own flower bouquets, and beautiful performances carrying everyone through a magical night. The most enchanting part of the wedding were the flying lanterns and Omer expresses as to why this is his favorite, “The best thing about these clients were that they allowed me to do anything I want. They trusted me and allowed me to do my magic.”
Omer’s inspiration for his career began at a young age as he always loved the way his mother used to decorate the house. He always admired her talent for décor, and he knew it was in his blood. He did not make it to where he is without struggle. Some of the many challenges he faces in his career are budgeting (ensuring customers with a low budget also receive a high-quality result), time constraints (ensuring timely delivery), venue limitations (working around the limitations of the venues and yet meeting requirements) and on-site challenges (weather, crowd management, and technical issues), hence always being ready with a plan-B is a must, not a choice. But challenges are a part of our life, and as the saying goes ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,’ and change is how we learn. Omer has built his career not just because of his incredible talent but because he is patient, honest, and most importantly he believed in himself and his dreams. For the young minds and people with dreams, take your time, believe in yourself and your passion, fearlessly explore what you love and pursue careers or hobbies in event styling to mark the start of your career. “Trust your aesthetics, have full commitment to your work, and just focus on growing. Keep your emotions aside it’s a small journey so enjoy and love while it lasts.” are some inspiring words shared by Omer Rasool for those that wish to find their true calling in event styling. As someone with an undying love for creating beautiful spaces, Omer Rasool has given the most and best of his talents. To our good fortune, we get to see more of the art he is yet to create through the lenses of many more platforms and coverage of his magnificent work that has its own signature of passion.

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