Overused Elements Used in Luxury Fashion

Overused Elements

“Be careful on how you treat the ones who approach you to give them an incentive, in order for them to succeed. Remember, that the people whom you shut down before, will ultimately result in you working for them.” – Anonymous
Shots fired. The queen of honesty has arrived, even though nobody asked, let alone invited. But because you are in your bedroom, wearing slippers that may or may not be a decade old, and staring at the screen of your computer while reading this…article that you clicked… you might as well just take a bow, have a seat, and enjoy the chaotic comedy that is about to ensue. The only warning that I have to tell you is…I’m right. There’s no maybe or wrong…you may end up agreeing with me anyway. Whether you like it or not.
For someone who is a lover of anything luxury-related and because I also write for a living, there’s so much about fashion I’ve come to know…especially the phrases that come with it. I may not seem the type to be a fashion freak if you’ve ever met me in real life…but when it comes to the creative process involved in fashion…to say that I am revolted would be an understatement. When I think about some prominent fashion brands that have carved a niche for themselves in the luxury market….all I can think about is how hypocritical they appear to be. They talk about being creative and the importance of incorporating new talent that can help the market grow, but all of that ‘we support new creative minds’ talk ends up going down the drain when that undiscovered talent points out the flaws that these brands don’t want to highlight.
See what I mean? This also reminds me of an incident that I had with an ex-client about a week ago, only because of one word that was used by them. Often, when we think about fashion and luxury, the word ‘arrogant’ instantly pops into our minds. And that is definitely one word that completely sets me off. Because of this, I did the honorable thing by having them removed from my life. Arrogance. Conceited. Really? Honestly, luxury isn’t about how much one can afford, let alone buy. Luxury also, need not be associated with power, status and wealth. Sure, at the end of the day finance does play a role as far as purchases from the upper class are concerned. I’m not saying money isn’t significant.
But what really sets the ball rolling, is the people, the consumers, who want to buy the products being sold by these luxury brands. Coming to that, here are some pain-in-the-neck moments , that absolutely defeat the purpose of what appeal in luxury, should and shouldn’t be:


1.Gentleman Society

Rumor has it that by 2050, luxury brands are still using gentleman society and still complaining why consumers don’t show interest in their product. Not to mention, this is so twenty-eighteen. To make this even funnier, we see fashion brands using this.

Why do I find it hilarious?

Because it doesn’t attract. It repels. When people look at taglines such as this, they’d just look at it and walk off. Obviously. Why would they want to purchase it, just because the design looks appealing? Have you, as the brand, for a moment, thought about the fact that your content isn’t doing justice to your design? Or even the packaging? Why would you want to keep reusing the same content that many other brands might secretly be using, and yet you have the gall to call yourselves ‘A one of a kind brand that’s a powerhouse in luxury.’ Believe me when I say, it’s funny that the power of content and the power that potential copywriters hold is SEVERELY underestimated, because brands believe that copywriting isn’t important and that it isn’t lucrative.

Not that there’s anything wrong in keeping your tagline short and simple with an eloquent touch, but why would you want to over-use something that is out of trend? They aren’t in it for the long haul. They don’t even want to consider making the purchase because the content used, does little to make the audience take an immediate course of action. This is one factor that might be difficult to swallow, but who uses gentleman society these days? It’s used on Pinterest, it’s used on websites, it’s used in books, in movies…the list is endless.

“Make them want to be closer, without having to speak. Make their hearts race…with a smile that radiates allure. Seraphine’s ‘Secret Garden’ perfume can make you into someone’s forever. Think you have what it takes to be the center of everyone’s fascination? Lucky for you, Secret Garden knows your name.”
There. Now, that’s a concept when it comes to taglines that are tailored to connect, revolutionize and magnetize minds. Instead of stating the bleak and the obvious, why not make taglines appear to be masterful pieces of art that’ll turn a potential buyer into a loyal consumer?

Luxury Fashion Brand: What do you know about taglines? You’re just a nobody who has a problem with everything.

Me: At Least I don’t use Gentleman Society as a creative source of medium to convey my message;)


I had to take a break in between as I suffered a really bad case of gastroenteritis while simultaneously being
infected with the cringe disease. Cause? Arrogance. A word that radiates sheer abhorrence and repulsion. Jokes and sarcasm aside, I honestly believe luxury, or just the idea of emitting a more luxuriant mind, has got to do with the mindset. The common myth that should definitely be debunked, is the fact that only the wealthy are capable of having access to luxury goods. (The feminine urge to scream profanity-induced words is real. But I can’t…because I’m being watched) WRONG. Luxury is about being mentally worthy, aware, and abundant. It’s about you, knowing all too well, that you are worthy of investing your money. But the decision to buy that particular designer bag or watch is entirely up to you. There’s no harm in stepping into those designer shops and simply trying them on if at all you’d want to purchase something that compliments your personal taste and style.
“Luxury and the ability to convey vibrance is all about the mindset. Worthiness, abundance, and gratitude are the new opulence. The era of arrogance, narcissism, and self-absorption has come to an end.”

Let that sink in for a moment. But that will only happen if you stop using revolting words such as arrogance, pride, or greed in the tone of voice, let alone the image of the brand’s identity. There’s so much more to luxury than what meets the eye. Do you want to sell? Do you want people to be interested in your product? Perhaps upgrade your creative team and your entire department to make people believe that they are worthy of being a part of your vibe. Speak to them. Because as the saying goes…you probably may know something about them that they probably don’t.

But that’ll all fall into place if you drop the whole ‘we cater only towards one specific type of consumers, that we believe are worthy of purchasing our products.”

3.The inability to accept that the content used in luxury ads is an eyesore

This is in relation to point number one.

It’s of no use being a creative outlet where one of your services relates to creative writing, but it doesn’t do justice to the brand you are working for. There. I said it. I said it and you know it’s the truth. It also doesn’t make sense for you to turn a blind eye to potential creators who only want to implement their knowledge and skills in making your business grow, and still, you have the blatant audacity to be condescending by telling them that you, as the creative agency or the brand, don’t require their services. When in reality, your creation isn’t going anywhere.
To make this even more ironic, these are the same people who talk volumes about how it’s crucial for them to include and welcome new talent by saying the same old “we are always open to new ideas and are open to hearing from potential talent.” Talent sends in an email that is exciting, only for their creativity to be humiliated and ghosted with little to no reasoning. And you call yourselves the game changers of creativity. Hmm. Hypocritical much?
Ultimately, even if you aren’t particularly interested in their ideas, at least consider hearing them out. How difficult is it to type out a simple, straight-to-the-point message with kindness, and then decide if that’s a creative individual you’d want working with you. There’s no harm in being polite and open to considering giving your content the change it needs. There’s absolutely no point in calling yourself a creative brand or agency if your content is overused and recycled. It also doesn’t make sense to make your image look like an inclusive setting where new thoughts are welcome, and yet you brutally shut down potential creative individuals whose main goal is to make your identity look so much more better than you wanted it to be, initially.
Stick to what your identity stands for, instead of talking big and fooling those with your true colors.

4. How long is it going to take for you to realize that the reason why your brand identity isn’t going anywhere, is all because of your creativity?

Creative blocks prevail everywhere, regardless of one’s profession. More often than not, I’ve seen instagram pages of some well known agencies who haven’t posted anything. The reason? Everything on the page, from the bio, to the content…everything is outdated. And that includes your website. You do say that you wouldn’t want anything to be changed and yet you are unable to keep your audiences engaged, let alone recruit potential clients who are keen to be involved in your creative endeavors. No matter how big or small of an agency or brand you are, nowhere in the rule book does it say, ‘thou shall not recruit or involve new talent.’ How long is it going to take for you, as the brand, to realize that there is a creative, highly passionate individual out there, who is keen to be involved in your ventures? How long is it going to take for you to at least…be open to the ideas they’d like to share with you?

We can definitely use the ‘its tough in the real world’ approach. But that doesn’t mean you should create a portal where there is no hope for them. If you believe that people like me, the youth of this generation, is one of the driving forces of creativity and unleashing talent, then shouldn’t it be YOUR responsibility to make us feel that way? On second thought, we don’t really need your validation in telling us who we can’t and cannot be. The brands that you might be working for, are the brands that we’ll be representing.

Fact: Did you know that most of the designer products being sold are manufactured in countries that are considered to be the third world? Those are the same countries where they hold the highest literacy rates and have the largest exports in terms of manufacturing oil and gas. Not to mention… dynamic in terms of entertainment and implementing new forms of technology that only help the world to progress further. Check the label.Having said that, my time to shine is now taking a break. I’m not going anywhere. It’s time we come together and realize that if a creative, opulent icon is lacking in a particular direction, accepting the drawbacks is the key. Accepting one’s areas in which they are lacking is akin to knowing that something in the creative direction needs a sustainable, vibrant, and abundant change.

And welcoming new, driven, and fierce creators from all walks of life is the bigger key. If you are a fashion brand or creative force that deals with high-end fashion, standing by the notion ‘the youth of this generation are the driving forces of creativity’, then how about pulling your socks up, getting rid of that egomaniac inside of you for good, and just acting on it once and for all? Rather than recycling and reusing content, strategies, the same mindset, and designs that will only land up giving you the same results? The whole purpose of this article isn’t meant to point fingers at anyone, but to make talents like me realize that I have nothing to lose and that whatever decision that I take, will reward me marvelously.

The day you realize you lost yourself a potential talent to join your venture, is the day that talent will be taking over the world with just their grit and determination like a crown. A crown where the gems signify the amount of hopelessness received from people who told us that we couldn’t do it…but here we are…shining bright like a diamond. This isn’t me being full of myself. This is me stating facts and telling it like it is. From one creative to another… do better. Adapt better. And be open to welcoming new perspectives. For the people awarded on a short term basis, here’s one more mic drop moment I’d like to say before I leave: “Now what kind of awards would you give us this year? You know who we are, the syndrome of the year We reject specially made awards, New generation I ate up this generation, I’m 25, I’m young and rich With my own capabilities, This is the spot I’ve climbed You’re curious exactly how much I’ve got right? I’ll show you, My Bag.” – Jeon Soyeon, G(IDLE)


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