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So close to celebrating the new year, for sure many would be ready to buckle up to begin the new chapter in a new place with a new start. Even though December is a month of different seasons for people all around the world, we all pop the confetti together with our hearts filled with gratitude for the many new years we have celebrated so far and we still brim with hope to be able to see through another year full of adventure, love and joy. Here is a list of places to travel to during this time of the year to experience the wonders they have in store for us!

Shillong, India
It is the capital of Meghalaya, which means “The abode of clouds” and is a beautiful hill station in India that has one of the most relaxing surprises in store for visitors. The weather is cold and pleasant this time of the year, ranging from 12 to 20 degrees. The air is pristine and this happens to be the only hill station that is accessible from all sides. It is also called the “Scotland of the East” just because of the rolling hills surrounding the city. There are fun festivals that take place around this time and some of the most enchanting places to visit, namely the Umngot river, where the water is so clear, it looks like the boat is hovering mid-air. Shillong is a beautiful place tucked among many boulders, with a blooming beauty of its own one cannot resist.

Maldives, Republic of Maldives
A double chain of islands situated south west of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean is a perfect tourism spot to spend with your romantic partners or your family members. The temperatures are warm and refreshing around this time, enabling all sorts of fun activities such as a dip in the Indian ocean, sun bathing, strolls around the islands and many more. Maldives is mostly known for its water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, etc. Maldives in December is a splendid time for all such activities and the resorts around the islands have so many more fun indoor frivolities as well for the visitors to keep them constantly entertained. For a memorable time with your loved one, Maldives would be the perfect getaway.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai in December is paradise on earth. Every waking day is a new look for the city. Some mornings are cold and foggy as the morning mist blankets the skyscrapers that tower above the clouds, sometimes the whether is windy and chilly from the Siberian winds blowing past the country, and sometimes it’s just a pleasant morning with the warmth of the beaming sun on one side and the cool breeze embracing on the other. Dubai has all sorts of festivities taking place in December. There’s shopping festival, where the malls go into the season of sale and release new collections of products, cultural entertainment destinations such as Global Village opens up to the many residents and the many more tourists who can’t wait to experience a grand splash of diversity. During this time of the year, one will spot singers busking in the picturesque parts of the city, art galleries pop up around every corner presenting themselves along Dubai creek in Al Seef and the cultural beauty of Dubai itself is celebrated with the National Day of UAE on 2nd December. The best part about Decembers in Dubai is the fireworks that light up the sky in different parts. Definitely a highly recommended spot for anyone and everyone!

New Zealand (Aka Aotearoa)
December is the beginning of summer in New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa. This time in New Zealand is a dream for hikers and trekkers. The 51killometer trail, Abel Tasman Coast Track on the south coast is one of the great walking paths overlooking enrapturing views. The Tamaki Māori Village is a breathtaking glimpse into the way of the indigenous people of New Zealand, pre-European contact, honoring the food, the traditions, the stories, the arts, and many more. Last but definitely not least, are the most beautiful lavender fields scattered all over the country. Can’t imagine how exhilarating a stroll through the expanding fields must be.

Florence, Italy
Florence being one of the cheaper places to visit in Europe in December has a season of festivities with less crowds and affordable hotels and tickets, while December is also the time Florence experiences the beginning of winter. The days and nights are cold and sharp, but ultimately delightful with short days and rainy clouds hanging lower. One of the most beguiling spots has to the Boboli gardens which is a historic site that developed between the 15th and 19th century. It’s a huge open garden, with fountains, sculptures and grottoes. Florence is abundant of art galleries and some of the most popular ones are the Uffizi gallery and the Academia gallery. The city is filled with history, culture and charming views that are aesthetically pleasing as well as Instagram worthy.


Charlottetown PEI, Canada
If you want to experience the snow-dusted winters of a quaint city in the Prince Edward Islands, this is the perfect spot. Charlottetown is the beautiful capital of Prince Edward Island, that has so many fun activities to offer for the winter season such as cross-country skiing, trail hiking through white spruce forest alongside the river, sleigh riding as the sharp winter breeze kisses your skin and more. COWS creamery is a must visit spot for those that love cheese and ice cream. It is a Charlottetown staple and also branded the best ice cream of Canada. You can enjoy free samples of ice creams and cheeses through the factory tours. The cherry on top for the tour of Charlottetown has to be the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market. Farmers from all around Prince Edward Island come with their freshly harvested produce of veggies, baked goods, crafts and many more. Overall, a trip to Charlottetown would really be a trip to remember.

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