Portugal Pavilion: Immerse yourself in the heritage of Porto & North of Portugal with the special dance performance of Pauliteiros de Miranda at EXPO 2020

Portugal Pavilion: Immerse yourself in the heritage of Porto & North of Portugal

The Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board is proud to announce its second cultural heritage event at the EXPO 2020 Portugal Pavilion, promoting a traditional dance performanced by Pauliteiros de Miranda, that is in the process of applying to join the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Miranda do Douro is located in Trás-os-Montes, a very unique region in the North of Portugal, where everything is extreme, the climate, flavour of foods, history, landscape and experience. Knowing Trás-os-Montes is knowing the limits of one’s courage and getting to the root of what is portuguese.

This Expo 2020, the Portuguese Pavilion will hold three events from the North of Portugal region, each focusing on the culture and heritage of this tourism destination. Located in the sustainability district, the Portugal Pavilion invites guests to feel the genuine appeal of its northern region with a focus on the Miranda do Douro cultural dance, The Pauliteiros de Miranda, set to take place on the 24th of October, with the first show commencing at 5:35 pm and the second at 7:30 pm on the front of the Portugal Pavilion. This is a unique opportunity for Expo-goers to feel the rhythm of its most ancestral tradition, which will boast of a 30-minute performance.

The “Pauliteiros de Miranda” is a unique dance performance that has been kept alive, for several centuries, one of the oldest traditions of Portugal and the cultural identity of its people. Initially a male-only formation, the Pauliteiros de Miranda nowadays also sees female dancers, and is composed of eight men or women dressed in traditional clothes, dancing and creating rhythms with wood sticks. The group is also accompanied by three instrumentalists with bagpipes, snare drums and bass drums, and by a man wearing the cloak of honour and women carrying the flag.

EXPO 2020 visitors are able to tour the Portuguese Pavilion, located in the sustainability district, and witness the popular and upbeat dance, a great way to start the week on a positive note, and are even able to learn a step or two whilst watching the show. Can You Hear The Music? It’s History Calling, the Rhythm Is Portuguese, the Celebration Is Global

The Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board’s first event took place last week, and involved rich gastronomy cooked and served in the notable black pottery from Bisalhães, by Michelin-star chef, Vítor Matos, produced in Vila Real, with an array of fresh wholesome starters, mains involving a resemblance of octopus escabeche, grouper and roasted kid, and a traditional homely custard.

Learn more about Pauliteiros de Miranda by visiting https://feelthecall.pt/mirandadodouro 

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