Portuguese Pavilion: Dive Deep Into Porto & North of Portugal Cultural Heritage with The First Of Three Events at EXPO 2020

Expo 2020

The Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board announces its 1st cultural heritage event at EXPO 2020 running from October 14th to 16th, BISALHÃES’ POTTERY, VILA REAL, A WORLD-CLASS CRAFT, one of many events paying homage to the North of Portugal. The event will be celebrating one of the main traditions of this Region, by honouring the unique Bisalhães’ black pottery, part of UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, whilst showcasing Portuguese cuisine with a fine dining experience prepared by Michelin-star chef, Vitor Matos.

EXPO-goers can tour through Portuguese traditions, and appreciate this world-class craft with the showcasing of the Bisalhães’ black pottery. The delicate traditional craft of Bisalhães’ pottery has been passed down through family generations of potters in Vila Real, people who proudly identify themselves as artisans. From the hand preparation of the clay to the cooking of each piece in an open fire oven and its carefully designed carvings, every stage that the clay undergoes to become these beautiful, unique pieces is an art of its own. The earthy elements in the clay such as broom, pine needles, heather and gorse are what give the pottery pieces its smoky, black appearance, and traditionally, the women in the family would take on the role of decorating the black pottery for the finishing magical touches. Most of Bisalhães’ black pottery are used as home ornaments, table decor and to serve traditional Portuguese meals in, such as platters, cups to hold puff pastries, bowls, clay jugs, and more.

Several art inventions, academic studies and publications among heritage and handcraft events have become important to the safeguarding and preservation of Vila Real’s cultural treasure. Most importantly, educating the younger generation to prevent the disappearance of knowledge and history of the Bisalhães’ black pottery that goes back over 300 years.

The Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board’s first event would not be complete without indulging in traditional Portuguese food. Portuguese Michelin-Star chef, Vitor Matos, will unveil authentic Portuguese cuisine at the Al-Lusitano restaurant, which will take your taste buds to a new dimension.

Visitors will experience some of Porto & North of Portugal rich gastronomy cooked and served in the notable black pottery from Bisalhães, produced in Vila Real, with an array of fresh wholesome starters, mains involving a resemblance of octopus escabeche, grouper and roasted kid, and a traditional homely custard which will give you the genuine appeal of Portugal’s northern region.

Learn more about Vila Real’s cultural heritage and the historic black pottery of the region, please visit http://www.feelthecall.pt/vilareal

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