Rian Fernandez

Before Rian Fernandez introduced up to date cuts and patterns and carefully put them into pieces to create 40 sensational masterpieces this Arab Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023.  

He dressed up Miss USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel for the competition as well as her Miss Texas run before that.

According to Designer Rian Fernandez his collection is a display of extravagant fusion of culture and fashion.  The inspiration revolves to a city where he found first his love for fashion, Baguio City, The City of Pines in the Philippines, famous for its green park spaces, hillsides teeming with gigantic pine trees, and other North Luzon tourist spots. 

The cool mist, foggy weather in the city, and the autumn-like vibe instantly makes everyone come back. It’s about sensuality and femininity, along with a touch of glamour where he got his inspiration in his city.

You can find Immaculately structured creation in a perfect palette with this season’s colour lilac and9 purple, sky light and royal blue, blush and rose pink, peach and champagne, white and nudes. The painstaking detail at the heart of the brand’s success, dreamy couture gowns that speaks for itself as a true work of art for a modern woman brazing and breathing couture in the essence of femininity,  designs and quality textiles create the perfect fairytale. 

 We fell in love with glamour that  Rian Fernandez created,  a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication that are styled and embraces  unconventional beauty, individualism and made it as a beautiful expression of a state of mind.Women who like unique and exclusive high-level fashion are still out there too and that’s why couture will always be a necessity.

He used acrylic beads and crystals that are perfect for modern romantics, flowing styles and simple silhouettes. Lavish aesthetic with a carefree twist consumed by the sartorial beauty and elegance. It has glorious whimsical details to cure and feed everyone’s romantic soul and fantasies that demand attention.

While perfection is an impossible goal, Fernandez gave us a reputation for romantic gowns that carries with it a certain connotation of elegance and whimsy and brings a touch of exceptionality in the everyday life of all women who want to be a Princess or a Queen on her own endless fairytale dreams.

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