amatos birds

His collections were mostly inspired by his travels, cultures, anthropology, literature, mythology, and history. The 33-piece collection, featuring a mix of womenswear and menswear lingering black couture crawling in our skin.

It was the many layers to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie ‘The Birds’ that  was based on the Daphne du Maurier book of the same name and written for the screen by the famous crime writer Ed McBain under his other name, ‘Evan Hunter.’ 

Amato’s allegorical  ideas of unknown forces that threaten the end of humanity as we have come to know it through the attack of his birds on the runway.

He uses these birds to artfully foreshadow events and reveal deeper truths about characters.

 It was pure couture dark, the magic of Amato’s work is there again, the idea of a voyage of discovery through a single piece of clothing, a story told through the details of cut and construction. His work and talent, and not only visually electrifies the fashion images, it also reveals the deep reservoir of the designer’s imagination. With close-up details of the technical skills used and how the pieces were made with unabashed creativity, theatrical fashion shows took us to his different world.

His show invited its audience to stumble through eccentric black birds like the Chronicles of Narnia, it was the portal to another world with a dark crisp and twist.It is rare to meet another human who is tuned in to your frequency just like Amato. His signature style of making garments using rich fabrics, lace, detailed embroidery, pearls, crystals and silk threads, put Amato in a league of his own.

The style evolves with the period you live in of course, the season, the trends in the worldwide market. Hence of having clients from all around the world, the demands and needs of the clients are very important to Amato. All these factors combined contribute to a change in the direction of style, especially that couture black colour won’t fade away, but his signature as a designer stays the same. 

Couture allows Amato an infinite creativity. There is no limit to what he can create that is mind blowing and what his  couture atelier can produce. His designs bring his clients’ wishes to life and make people dream. 

Black is certainly in.


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