THE MYSTICAL MICHAEL CINCO: The Impalpable Dream of Egypt


There are many many stories about his ideas, prowess with scissors. It’s said that the boy from Samar has supreme mastery of line and cut who once imagined himself dressing Hollywood stars, amongst his earliest muses obsession turned into reality.

We look at the influence Ancient Egypt, with its kings and queens, has had on the fashion world for over a century.

Michael Cinco’s The Impalpable Dream of Egypt focuses and symbolises strong pharaohs, kings and queens of Egypt. His imagination took us to historic Egypt, where it is indeed a captivating tourist destination with sufficient supplies, including temples, pyramids, sphinxes and exquisite modern buildings. 

The sense, perceived and real imagination comes to life in his couture clothes. We love all the surreal symbolism and referral to the dream world.

A splendour of the Universe and the Impalpable delicious fashion decadent of Michael Cinco – Winter days will never be the same in Egypt that everyone will quickly discover his fantastic range, his immaculate collection as great brilliance, richness and glory in icy nights.

The powerful Hieroglyphs, Antony and Cleopatra’s Legendary Love Story and Queen Nefertiti

His collection was inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs were not just beautiful symbols, they represented a living, spoken language. From romantic poetry and international treaties, to shopping lists and tax returns, the hieroglyphic inscriptions and ancient handwriting in this exhibition reveal stories that are fantastically varied.

Michael Cinco reincarnates Cleopatra: one of the ancient world’s most popular, though elusive figures. The Egyptian Queen has been immortalized by numerous writers and film-makers, most popularly by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra, and by Hollywood in Cleopatra (1963) starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The Queen of the Nile offered us sleek, stylish and delectable manuscripts of women’s couture that was  engrossed in his cold winter story that basically had to create his impalpable world. Cleopatra herself was allegedly unrolled from a carpet at the feet of Julius Caesar, has the bizarre and savage opulence of the ancient Egyptians been so vividly – and expensively – brought to life.

Fashion is all about drama and her majestic life was full of it, from her legendary affairs with some of the most powerful men of their time to her struggles to maintain influence as ruler of Egypt.

Michael Cinco’s inspiration is skillfully combined both Greek and Egyptian elements in Cleopatra’s wardrobe when she travelled to Tarsus by barge to meet Mark Antony for the first time, Michael Cinco created quite a spectacle, dressed her as the Egyptian goddess Isis 

Cinco was also inspired by Queen Nefertiti, one of history’s most recognised mysterious figures. The claim that she was beautiful, “perfect of appearance. A beauty icon and one of the most powerful women who has inspired us throughout centuries.

“The Pharaohs Golden Parade” When royalty, gods and goddesses were portrayed in statues, temple carvings and wall paintings, it was the beauty and self-confidence of the subject that was conveyed

Michael Cinco’s journey to uncommon beautiful cold places, and unveiled his essences through unconventional people of Egypt that adds a unique, customized candy like spin on the sugary traditional and  sophisticated The Impalpable Dream of Egypt Collection infused with the same artistry gazing in his Impalpable World.

It focuses opium accuracy, magnificence, beautiful and impressive appearance  balancing the form.We can’t just wander around Istanbul to feel the winter but all we have to do is look upon the eyes of love and beautiful Michael Cinco beyond extraordinary new delicious apple in the eye colours and textures to the then underutilized fabric took the fashion world by a heavenly  storm where we be able to discover one’s vocation, destiny, and to find the strength to break social barriers in Egyptian inspired fashion.

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