Rizwan Fashion’s New Ready-To-Wear Line Makes Premium Modest Wear Available to All

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Rizwan Fashion, known for its fusion of luxury fashion and Emirati culture, recently announced the launch of its new line of ready-to-wear (“RTW”) modest clothing, the Rizwan Collection. Available online with delivery across the GCC, the RTW collection combines classic embellishment techniques and modern silhouettes to create a beautiful experience for the wearer.

Favoured by customers seeking the finest artistic brilliance and uncompromising quality craftsmanship, Rizwan Fashion offers luxurious modest wear. Founded by Rizwan Ahmed in the early years of the UAE, Rizwan Fashion has a well-earned reputation for creating premium modest wear that celebrates Emirati heritage whilst incorporating modern styling.

Steeped in the UAE’s heritage, the brand has earned the trust and loyalty of over three generations of customers by offering everything from customisable kaftans and elegant abayas to luxurious jalabiyas and more. Rizwan Fashion is also a proud Swarovski® Ingredient Branding Partner, which means they only use Swarovski® Crystals with official Swarovski® branding on their products.

The new Rizwan Collection focuses on small batch production, which means its RTW items showcase the brand’s commitment to exceptionally high quality and timeless style. The brand’s ethos and production promote sustainability and stand as a statement against fast fashion. Each piece is crafted to be unique and is available for a limited time only.

Regarding the new RTW line, Rizwan Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Rizwan Fashion, stated, “Rizwan Fashion gracefully exudes a blend of tradition and style, coupled with top quality material. With our RTW Rizwan Collection, our customers now have access to modest wear that suits their diverse tastes, which they can explore from the comfort of their homes. Each item includes detailed embellishments fused with traditional Emirati flair in opulent or minimal styles, catering to all tastes. We want to offer an RTW collection that will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations.”

The brand’s creative director, Dr Mohammad Makki Rizwan, commented, “From simple designs to comprehensive detailing, the RTW line offers a wide range of modest wear for all occasions and is readily available to everyone. Our selection is thoughtfully curated and features unique styles for our customers who have various preferences. We look forward to seeing our customers explore our website and discover a wide range of modest ready-to-wear clothing.”

Rizwan Fashion also offers other services, including premium luxury tailoring services and private bookings for unique one-off designs, which are fully customisable by the client.

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