Setting The Bar High: The Unrivaled Beauty of Egyptian Fashion & Their Designers

Pharaonic. Timelessly adorned and sustainable with a compelling narrative, aiming to pierce the minds of the audience. With every story there’s a prestigious twist embedded within the roots of cultural elegance and mysticism. From London to Paris to Milan and finally to New York, the ‘Big 4’ we think about when it comes to talking let alone thinking about the concept of ‘luxury’ or ‘fashion’.

Knowing that times change and trends evolve that pave the way for the new-wave of fashion selections, isn’t it time that the big-4 now changes to the ‘Big-5?’ or even infinite? Knowing that fashion isn’t limited to just four countries alone, Egyptian fashion never gets the credit that we usually give. Apart from being a dynamic land steeped in culture and history and standing as a testament to the marvels of the country’s achievements, the pride and the heritage influences the country’s people in setting the bar high. Simple and precise, we need to understand that the significance of Egypt is always considered to be the muse of various fashion houses across the globe.

Home to an accomplished sea of symbolic creatives, here are top-five Egyptian designers who aren’t only re-shaping nor re-defining the fashion landscape, but also their unrivaled mastery that permeates in their iconic creations. Curious to know who they are? Ready to have your mind come to a standstill because you know, you wouldn’t get enough of their encapsulating designs?


Established by Egyptian Fashion designer Ahmed Al-Saedi in the year of 2012, the designer’s brand is about celebrating the feminine warrior in us, women, inspired by his own mother. Motivated by female empowerment and the drive to shatter the glass ceiling, Saedi formulated a wide range of compelling aesthetics over the span of a decade, combining a series of unconventional fabrics and cuts to create daring, original pieces. As quoted by him, he believes that “every garment has a narrative that resonates’’.

2.Christine Massarany

Founded by Christine Massarany and Rami Ashraf, Christine Massarany is a semi-couture and ready-to-wear label that is made to embrace the female silhouette. Merging opulent fabrics and intricate feminine lines, the brand offers exclusive state of the art pieces that emphasize individuality and uniqueness. For Massarany, she stands by her belief that fashion isn’t entirely about glamor or the premium tag that comes with it..but rather its an art that compliments a person’s personality and how their clothes express who they are the best.

Drawing inspiration from Egypt’s rich history, the label carved a niche for itself after launching its latest collection at Egypt Fashion Week.

3.Sarah Bahaa

An untinting advocate for sustainable fashion, the biggest highlight for Sarah Bahaa was when she showcased her awe-inspiring designs that left every viewer astounded. Having founded her label in 2021, Bahaa’s designs aim to embody the symbolism of environmental awareness by ethically sourcing and using a variety of materials and recycled fabrics. The designer believes that one’s imagination can transcend into a reality, regardless of where they are in life, knowing that inspiration can strike us when we least expect it. True to her words, this talented designer creates ethereal pieces that feature a black body with a simple, ornately beaded sleeve.

4. Rebel Cairo

Established in 2019 by Dara Hassanein and her mother, Dalia Abbas, RebelCairo epitomizes two perceptions, one that is akin to a moth to a flame while the other is the calm before the sea. Every piece shared with the world at large, is an assortment of garments imbued within art that brings a collective group ranging from various places.

With a much more analytical and precise approach to fashion, the majority of the label’s designs are punctiliously illustrated, entirely done by hand. The mother and daughter duo believe that the initiation of Egyptian Fashion Week was the stepping stone in showcasing the magnetic individualism that every talent possessed.

5. Mix and Match

From starting out as a family owned business in 1985, with a burning desire to attract and leverage their name in the local fashion scene. By integrating a blend of modernity and traditionality, the label has always focused on amplifying local artisans, suppliers and governmental manufacturers in order to preserve the rich and dynamic culture of Egypt.

Despite their propelling growth, the label always believed in the concept of moderate fashion. It’s never about the popularity, rather the qualitative experiences that come in introducing a new design or collection.

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