Sher Oston and his Orchestra’s “What A Wonderful World” show brings the best of jazz in a 360° immersive art experience

Sher Oston and his Orchestra’s “What A Wonderful World”

For a night of excitement and sophistication, watching a live jazz show in the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai is an act to beat.

Jazz has long been known to alter our moods and influence a sense of comfort. The soothing feeling that jazz gives is something that some people crave for. That is why it is with no doubt that the Theatre of Digital Art in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai was packed with jazz enthusiasts last September 10 for the Sher Oston and his orchestra’s What a Wonderful World show.

Twenty-two uniquely talented individuals have come together to deliver an outstanding performance in TODA, giving an immense upgrade in enjoying the weekend night vibe. The show featured guest singers as well such as Amanda Maalouf, Eirini, Evgeny Morozov and Marina Weissenbeck which added to a more meaningful experience.

Venue and Ambience

The Theatre of Digital Art is known for using state of the art technology while exhibiting masterpieces from notable artists from around the world including one of the most famous painters in history, Vincent Van Gogh. 

Upon hearing that the venue would be in this art space, I was immediately delighted as I already painted a picture in my mind what kind of experience I will be having. The stunning venue has a surround sound and massive projection screens from the ceiling to its walls, giving a 360° immersive experience to the visitors. The visuals added a huge impact to the show’s sophistication and excellence, considering the connection between visual art and music have always been alive since time immemorial.

Pillow cushions are placed in the regular spaces while bean bags are offered for the VIP in front of the performers. It’s a unique way of being comfortable while watching a live jazz music performance. 


Sher Oston and his orchestra have definitely given a night to remember in Dubai. This symphonic jazz group is nothing short of spectacular as the group was given a standing ovation by the crowd after an hour and a half show. 

Everyone came singing along with the best of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

Sher Oston’s beat is clear, not to mention his humor on stage too – a pure entertainer. Changing his lyrics in Frank Sinatra’s hit song ‘New York, New York’ to ‘Dubai, Dubai’, is actually witty. His interaction with the guests has given a warmer and more relaxed ambience as well.

The orchestra shone the most during the songs’ instrumental parts. The solos, particularly those in piano and trumpet have definitely shown their musical artistry in flying colors. 

I can never fathom how jazz can be so elegant and magnificent at the same time and listening to these outstanding artists play their hearts out is something to be proud of. 

Jazz is known to unlock emotions and the performers have indeed unlocked joy, calmness and inspiration on that night. The crowd can be seen gracefully swinging their shoulders while singing along and that alone is a proof how music can influence our being. The show has not just given a dazzling night of entertainment but a night of relaxation as well. 

Indeed, it was a beautiful experience being able to witness such profound talent by these singers and musicians. With the ensemble’s rendition of the world’s jazz classics, I am quite sure that they will draw more attention in their future performances around the world.

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