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How often do you find yourself lacking energy and you are desperate to escape the bleak clouds of boredom that are about to engulf you? It’s completely normal to feel that way. We often find ourselves in moments where we feel we are lost or that things aren’t working out the way we want them to.

 It is a normal feeling to possess, but we have to understand that it is never the end of the world. If you want to be transported to a place where it’s just you, relishing the moment you are in from a more musical perspective, here are some of my favorite songs that I resort to, especially when I need an extra source of inspiration, creativity, love and confidence.

1) Tomboy-G(Idle)  

If you’re someone who is tired of being underestimated and undervalued, G-Idle’s ‘Tomboy’ is a definite listen. An instant download to your playlist, even if you’re not exactly a k-pop fan, the heavy punk-rock rhythm with an electric vibe will instantly make you fall in love with this particular, chart-topping song. The song screams empowerment and a sense of freedom, which is why I love it so much. The next time you want to release some of the unwanted anger, remember to play this song to the people who try to question your worth.
The group literally radiates the concept of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.’

2) How You Like That – Blackpink 

A direct slap on the face for the ones who think they can bring you down, but actually they can’t. There’s a reason why I keep playing How You Like That on repeat, whenever I need an extra dose of energy to get me all fired up. The song is about being in a zone where its dark and just when you feel like giving up, let alone thinking that there’s no hope left for you, actually it’s all in your head. This song has the power to transform every motivational desire into a reality because of how strong and confident it can make you feel.

3) Miroh – Stray Kids

Out of all the gen-4 groups that I strongly gravitate towards, Stray Kids is one such boy band that I’ll forever love and be loyal to. Breaking away from the conventional hits that a song requires, in order to remain on the top, Stray Kids time and again have proven that being dynamic and being different in terms of creativity, is all that’s needed to receive world-wide admiration and respect. Even though I love every song that Stray Kids have released, Miroh will be my personal top-pick. A highly encapsulating song by Stray Kids,  The letter ‘h’ at the end of Miroh, signifies the meaning that if someone enters a maze, they can either stay in there forever, indicating that the maze is their personal haven or it could be regarded as a spot where they analyze who or what it is that they want to be. 

4) Savage- Aespa 

This is my go-to song whenever I’m not myself and just want a reminder that I am enough and that there’s nothing left for me to lose. Aespa’s ‘Savage’ talks about turning your weaknesses into superpowers that won’t give anybody any room for them to doubt you. Its catchy and ‘who’s the boss’ vibe, did the trick in making it a national anthem for the one’s out there who can make a statement, by simply playing this song out loud. You needn’t impress anyone but yourself. You needn’t please anyone but yourself. The only competitor is you. Time to put aside that soft-hearted version of you, when you can be the tough, and level headed badass that you are born and meant to be.

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