Summer Coolers

After a long day of a dry weather, humidity and unforgiving summers of those that live along the region of the equator, who wouldn’t want an icy drink splashed with refreshing flavors of fruits and berries blended with freshly squeezed lemon and mint leaves. A home-made punch or a refrigerated freshly squeezed juice would flip the draining season into a rejuvenating and hydrating summertime. Here is a variety of cooling drinks to keep yourself hydrated while also enjoying the inviting flavors of summer.
(1) Fruit Iced Tea
Iced teas with fruits and herbs are one of my most favourite drinks for coping with the heat of summer. Immersing an assorted variety of chopped up berries and fruits in a sweetened mixture of sugar and tea, is not just a mouth-watering drink, it is also a healthy hydrating drink with lots of nutrients with revitalizing qualities. It can be served hot or cold but serving them with ice on a sunny day is simply top tier.

(2) Lemonades
Lemonades are a classic summer drink in many countries. Freshly squeezed lemons mixed with water, sugar and if one is up for it, a mix of some tangy spices can be blended to bubble up the flavors, is definitely a go-to for those that want to prepare a simple yet tasty drink with no difficult steps to follow. Lemonades can be more fun when more fruits are added to the drink, such as, my favorite, strawberries and peaches.


(3) Cucumber, Lemon and Mint Water
Yet another really simple and hydrating drink would be the cucumber, lemon and mint blend of water. Not only is it a hydrating drink, but also a great detox water. A pitcher of this thirst-quenching drink is both a great weight loss solution as well as a healthy treat.

(4) Coconut Water
This tropical liquid is highly nutritious with a delicious nutty flavor while also being low in carbs and calories. Coconut water can be served from a freshly cut young green coconut with a straw and if you want to be fancy, add a little umbrella to it! Since it is rich in electrolytes and minerals, it helps maintain proper fluid balance.

(5) Buttermilk
Butter milk is a classic summer drink in India, commonly known as Chaas. Lots of water is added to a small portion of yoghurt and mixed with a variety of masalas, salt and for that extra tanginess, just a little lemon juice. The addition of green chillies, coriander leaves and ground curry leaves really bring out the taste of the traditional Chaas. Buttermilk is a perfect delicious drink for the summer as it helps to cool our bodies in the summer heat.

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