29 JUN – 30 JUN 2022  HAUTE-COUTURE | HOMME | FEMME | AVANT-GARDE  Welcome to THAILAND FASHION WEEK AUTUMN/WINTER 22-23 SEASON. We’re thrilled that you have joined us this afternoon at VARAVELA. Thailand Fashion Week is the “cradle” of the top designers in the region and the world. This is also one of the biggest fashion events in the country of the Golden Temple with the participation of thousands of fashionistas from Thailand and many countries around the world. We have a real treat for you today! In just a few moments you will get a chance to see our models displaying some of the hottest AW22-23 fashions from your favourite brands. Basic wardrobes can be taken to another level with the right outfit. And that’s a value that WE ALL are looking for…, especially today.    I would like to stretch a warm welcome to our ‘Powered by’ partner – ASTON MARTIN | Bangkok, Glam Partners – Wella Professionals Thailand & IN2IT Thailand, Hairstyling Partner – Rapi-Rabi Thailand, Media Partners – DE MODE, FabUK Magazine & Victor Magazine (UAE), Fitness Partner – Enthusia, Co-Powered by KFI Group of Companies and Fashion Week Alliance. 

S DESIGNER HOUSE BY DESIGNER LE TRAN DAC NGOC The first kidswear brand from VIETNAM at THAILAND FASHION WEEK. He opened Thailand Fashion Week AW22-23 with 16 Vietnamese child models. Not only with their bright appearance and professional demeanour, but these young models also have a lot of experience in “fighting” at many major domestic and international catwalks. 16 names with 16 personality colours wearing unique designs will bring impressive performances on the THAILAND FASHION WEEK AW22-23 runway. These 16 child models will perform a collection called “Vietnamese sounds and colours of 5 continents” which is the interference between traditional national elements and contemporary breath, between Vietnamese culture and countries across 5 continents. The collection carries a distinct design philosophy, and a profound fashion story and conveys a meaningful humanistic message.    NICOLE SANTOS X DOMINIQUE ATELIER – HAUTE COUTURE & FEMME  “SPALLE ROSSE” HAUTE-COUTURE collection by Designer Nicole Santos.    One of the major signature details we specialized in DOMINIQUE Atelier and NICOLE SANTOS Couture aside from its very out-of-the-box, modern and unconventional design is the focus on intricate gown trains and shoulder features. Designer Nicole Santos experimented with how she can manipulate certain types of fabrics to be able to get the results she wanted for each design for this collection. Hence, the “Spalle Rosse” collection was put together.  In Italian, “Spalle” means shoulders and “Rosse” means red.    This Haute-Couture AW22-23 collection is greatly inspired by the vast variety of rose and flower petals, its shapes and colour palettes, and the movement it does when it is flown in the air. We infused these elements into each design of we have for “Spalle Rosse” by creating shoulder and gown train features that are exquisitely fashioned for a modern and unique woman.    FADAL CORDILLERA From Team FaDAL Cordillera (Philippines), 4 designers presented their AW22-23 collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK. Designer Ayra Longsiab, Designer ANDREW VISAYA, Designer LAYDEH ALBERTO and Designer JULIENNE PARAN (President of FADAL Cordillera).   FaDAL Fashion Designers Alliance CORDILLERA & MINDANAO ~Aligning with the Alliance, Aiming for Greater Heights in the Fashion Industry “I am FaDAL”. ~ “CORDILLERA & MINDANAO is home to a lot of designers who have been helping the local culture be known. Thus, a group has been formed to highlight their uniqueness and the unending passion to put the island-region in the international fashion and design map. FaDAL Cordillera and Mindanao Directors Mr. Xioti Chiu and Ms. Julien Paran said at the launch “We will maximize our gifts, talents and experiences in the field of fashion, not only to contribute to the growth of the organization, but for the career advancement of our members as we have the deep yearning to sharpen our skills every step of the way,”. To the aspiring designers and the existing ones who dream of becoming big one day, Chiu and Paran emphasized three major ingredients. “In the fashion industry, it takes an enormous amount of discipline, responsibility, and integrity. This is the heart and soul of FaDAL,”. As an organization, they live by their mantra of being an Alliance. “We mobilize and function not as a typical organization but as a force that embodies our cultural identity as an alliance. We stand proudly as a Fashion Designers Alliance Philippines (Manila, Cordillera, Mindanao),” FaDAL aims for greater heights, which means gearing towards a wider audience. With this in mind, the organization serves as a platform “where we put each designer in a spotlight, helping each other to market themselves in this cut throat industry.” Fadal is known to accept the unique, innovative, and newly-honed brave designer.

URBAN PIGEONS Culture, Creativity, and Craftsmanship   The Award-Nominated Celebrity Designer from Boston, Massachusetts will Debut a New Line of Reversible Fur Coats, Pants, Corsets, Bodysuits, and the Latest Pigeons Steppers Shoes.    (Boston, MA) – Thailand Fashion Week has rapidly become a prominent event in the world of fashion, acting as an incubator for the world’s most innovative designers and emerging talent. The annual event returns to Bangkok on June 30th to showcase the Autumn/Winter 22-23 collections from both established and emerging brands across Haute-Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Avant-Garde, Accessories, and Footwear. Award Nominated celebrity designer Gregory Dubuisson, also known as Yazbthegreat, is proud to announce the debut of his new line for Urban Pigeons high-end streetwear at Thailand Fashion Week 2022.    FADAL MINDANAO TEAM 1 From Team FaDAL Mindanao (Philippines), 4 designers will be presenting their AW22-23 collection today at THAILAND FASHION WEEK. Designer ALEXIES REDECIO, Designer DARYL TEJANO, Designer GLADYS AYUSTE and Designer JULIEN GENTICA.   FADAL MINDANAO TEAM 2 From Team FaDAL Mindanao (Philippines), the next team of 4 designers presented their AW22-23 collection today at THAILAND FASHION WEEK. Designer MCENZIE HAN, Designer MERLYN RAMOS and Designer JULIEN GENTICA.

IVAN TRAN Who has succeeded as a top designer in Vietnam. Compilation with many celebrities in Viet Nam. Come to Thailand Fashion Week, He would like to send off his clothes to all of you of his newest collection “Trúc – Bamboo”. It’s been quite a while since Ivan released a collection name with a rather short name, but deep in it is a forest of Ivan’s thoughts. Bamboo is a kind of tree that people think of as affirmative, strong, and also very flexible in the wind when it comes to people. If it is related to Ivan’s fashion or personality, it can be said to be almost the same, sometimes thorny, strong, somewhere flexible and versatile. Versatile here is that people find it very applicable in any place.   FADAL MINDANAO’S DIRECTOR “XIOTI CHIU”  Xioti Chiu – THE SAGA OF MODERN FILIPINA    MINDANAO is the home of several designers who are helping to promote local culture. Xioti Chiu, the director of FaDAL Mindanao, sees maximizing local abilities, talents, and experiences in the realm of fashion.    The SAGA OF MODERN FILIPINA, his collection, strives to strengthen and highlight the capabilities of the indigenous Filipino textile industry, bringing world-class artistry to the international stage.   LEN NEPOMUCENO MORTEL COUTURE (THAILAND) Showcased her Autumn/ Winter 2022 -2023 in the prestigious official Thailand Fashion Week runway in Bangkok powered by ASTON MARTIN – Bangkok on June 30. Len is the most sought-after fashion designer by young brides, celebrities and the elites of the local and international scene. Her unique and elegant signature style and creative process flow from a talent and a passion for fashion. Her designs are worn by royalty, diplomats and foreign dignitaries, members of the high-society, and celebrities in Asia. Len is also widely known for her wedding gown brand BRIDESBYLEN for L.Official a line of ready-to-wear one-a-kind bridal gowns that sell worldwide, and LEN NEPOMUCENO MORTEL her label for couture evening wear. Len Nepomuceno’s signature style is classy, stylish and elegant, a perfect fit for the trendy elite crowd that she caters to. Her exceptional designs are showcased biannually during Fashion Week worldwide as she promotes the use of local indigenous fabrics like the pineapple fibre weave and the elegant Thai silk. Len strives for perfection in every aspect, and her superb taste in cuts and executing final garments shows in her designs. Her expertise and vast experience of 35 years in designing have earned her recognition as one of the best Fashion Designers in Asia today. Len is a co-founder of Fashion, Art and Design International (FADD International), and a former Vice- President of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines.     K.K BY TANH HUYNH HOMME & FEMME The “Brilhar” collection by Designer Tanh Huynh is inspired by the sparkle of aura, something that young people always dream of reaching. Designer Thanh Huynh from Vietnam has created outfits with delicate cuts and applied the trending material – Sequin to create unique and attractive designs.

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