The Art of Music for Body, Mind & Soul


In this article, you will experience what music & sound does to our mind, body and soul including emotions and feelings.

What is music?
“Music is structural, mathematical and architectural. It’s based on relationships between one note and the next. You may not be aware of it, but your brain has to do a lot of computing to make sense of it,” notes one otolaryngologist.

Music and sound, because of its deep connections with the brain, is intrinsically meaningful to humanity as a race. We thrive off it. It drives our actions and emotions, and its influence on our brains creates a sense of unity with music that few other art forms can provide. Once we look at cultures across the world, from Japan to America: every country and each culture has their own personal sounds & music that move their emotions and body. Music remains a powerful way of uniting people, For Example:

  • National anthems connect crowds at sporting events
  • Protest songs stir a sense of shared purpose during marches
  • Hymns build group identity in houses of worship
  • Love songs help prospective partners bond during courtship
  • Rap songs that connect us through the stories and make us cry too…

I could give many examples but the best one that the whole world enjoys and shaped by ‘Bella Ciao’. Today, how does music benefit us as individuals?

This is why you hear this phrase from wise people “Learn to Listen your body”

Pay attention to how you react to different forms of music, and pick the kind that works for you. What helps one person concentrate might be distracting to someone else, and what helps one person unwind might make another person jumpy.

Personally, Environmental sounds like rain during thunder, walking through forest and Sea waves hitting the shores, I called these sounds ‘wellness’. it plays a positive impact in bringing wellness to mind and calming our soul with the right energy and positive flow of energy is a must for environmental wellness. If one remains connected to nature and creates the right flow of energy from nature to work or home, it brings tremendous positivity. Music is the right link between the immediate environment, and nature. Soothing music is the learning process and has huge psychological and physiological effects.

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Music can change our feelings and help us to be there. It helps us to express emotions and takes care of our repressed emotions. It creates a synergy between our different emotional states and works as an emotional catharsis.

Have you ever left your headphones at home when you were going to the gym or going for a run? I guess you surely have… Next time when that happens pay attention to your body, how much you are missing the music. The right Music we play when you are doing workout, music gives us a boost during exercise. The right music can help you perform better by approx 15 to 20 percent and without physical wellness the journey to total wellness is not possible.

Music can change our feelings and help us to be there. It helps us to express emotions and takes care of our repressed emotions. It creates a synergy between our different emotional states and works as an emotional catharsis.. Also, Music helps to keep our memory sharp. Some music takes us back to the place and Music can therefore help us remember important events and people. Music triggers memories and is useful in helping to recall memories.

There are five sense organs in our body, vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch are collectively known as a sensory system. Let me ask you this: what’s the most powerful sense in our body? Let me tell you it’s not hearing. Sound/Music is one of the most powerful senses too.

Scientists can now see some of the brain changes in people who listen to music through medical imaging. Music is a very complex stimulus and it is still difficult to figure out how it works inside of us.

Listening to the right music is like a boost that nourishes the mind, body and soul. Because it is the perfect combination of nature, beauty and well-being, essential for total well-being.

Have you ever thought of what kind of music you press play in what moods? Do you play music to uplift your mood?

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