The Denim that Loves the Planet


Is sustainable denim an oxymoron? It’s a question we’ve heard time and time again.

Denim is known as one of the most resource-heavy, environmentally damaging items we buy, and the reason is simple: Denim is made from cotton – lots of it – and most cotton is grown with harmful fertilizers and pesticides and requires huge amounts of water to produce.

A single pair of non-organic cotton jeans might use upwards of 1,800 gallons. The global demand for cotton (which is used in nearly half of all textiles, according to the World Wildlife Fund) has also led to the over-farmed, barren land and soil erosion, which affects the health of the entire planet.

That’s a lot of bad news—and not necessarily the kind of research the average shopper wants to conduct before the next purchase. The problem with denim feels particularly huge because it’s so democratic: Everyone wears jeans, and many of us love our jeans.

There are few things as universal as the search for the perfect pair of jeans. For those of us still on the hunt and in the market, the search for the right jeans now often is not only about the fit but also about the environmental impact. Let’s face it, denim is hard on our planet. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. Many brands such as OVS are working tirelessly to make jeans (and denim!) that are not as taxing on natural resources.

OVS has launched its Eco-Denim range that uses 100% zero-PP treatments – in other words without potassium permanganate, a chemical substance that is harmful to humans and the environment. Furthermore, OVS no longer uses sandblasting to create the typically aged effect that gives denim its unique look and authenticity. Instead, it has put in place more suitable treatments to guarantee safety for workers as well as for the planet.

The result? The OVS Eco-Denim is the same quality and style as any OVS jeans previously, but with respect for the world we live in.

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