The Dynamism Called Youmi

We rarely come across individuals who truly love what they do. While this notion is surely up for debate, how many of you can honestly answer this: “Do you truly value the very essence of creativity? Or are you just doing it because it is a surefire way to easily give you the recognition, that you believe, are enabled into receiving?” However, when Youmna Khoury or as we fondly love to call her, Youmi, was asked this question, her eloquence along with her signature wit, was more than enough to leave us all astounded. Passion meets authenticity. Dedication transcends into a surplus of admiration, that comes in avalanches. Youmi Khoury is one such influencer who creates content that only elevates and connects the minds of the seemingly unconnected. She is beyond remarkable in her forte. It isn’t because of the rewarding aspects that made Youmi choose a career in the influencing field. It is also not only because she brought her respective craft from the peripheral to the mainstream. Youmi significantly and irrevocably reshaped and redefined what it takes to be an influencer.

To state she is an ‘ace’ will be an understatement. Picture this –a digital creator, an influencer, and an entrepreneur. – whose proclivity for dynamism many, most importantly, inspires millions! She is Youmna ‘Youmi’ Khoury whose versatility and magnetism speaks volumes. Having established her mark on the shores of U.A.E, here is an individual that tries to keep herself ahead of the curve.
Here is the dynamism called Youmi. A creator who expresses, not impress.

Q.1 Hi Youmi! Thank you so much for being a part of the Victor Magazine’s March issue. It is a pleasure to have you. I would like to start off with a fun question: What is on your mind right now? How do you feel being a part of this issue?
Hi Victor Magazine, it is great to be here and to be a part of your March magazine issue. That is a great question actually, I was just thinking about how much I love doing interviews and still cannot believe that I am sitting down and talking about my own brand! I am very excited to feature in your Black & White issue about putting words into action, as this is the reality that I have created for myself.

Q.2 You have built an impressive portfolio regarding your experiences in every aspect of creativity. You create content that just has all of us hooked, you have your own business and you have also created an astounding impact in fashion. When it comes to sharing some aspects of your life in the media, what are some of the creative strategies you resort to in order to build a loyal fanbase for you and the projects you are involved in?
I actually do not have a strategy or think in a strategic way to build relationships with people, as it all comes very naturally to me. I share my life in great detail on social media and people just gravitate towards this. I think my followers really love how much I share and how open and honest I am, which is why they continue to follow my journey.

Q.3 You have established a magnificent niche for yourself. You’re a creator. You’re a genius. Knowing that at times when we’re fully invested in an activity, it does tend to take a lot from us based on the hours of effort we put in. I’d like to know, have there been moments where you were faced with a creative block? Did that make you feel vulnerable and perhaps, did that feeling make you expose a part of yourself that you may not have wanted the world to see?
A time that springs to mind is when Youmi Beauty took a two year hiatus so I could travel the world researching and sourcing the highest quality products to sell. Deciding to pause made me feel very vulnerable at the time and it may have looked to the outside world that I was failing. Despite being nervous at the time, I knew it was the right thing to do, so I had to expose that side of myself to everyone with the confidence that it would pay off down the line…which I would say, it has!

Q.4 This is something I’m curious to know. When people look at influencers, society tends to present them in a slightly negative light. However, they also tend to forget the creative opportunities that come with it since social media platforms act as a hub for discovering new talent. Coming to that, I’d like to know from your experiences: what are some of the myths that you’d like to debunk when it comes to being an influencer?
A common myth that I would like to debunk is that being an influencer ‘is not a real job’ or that ‘it is easy’. Being an influencer takes a lot of planning and organising, and is a demanding job if you want to make profits, keep everyone happy and be a good person all whilst doing it. There are a lot of business deals and formalities that go on behind closed doors which I am sure people do not realise, making it very much like a 24/7 job!

Q.5 When people get accustomed to seeing you embody a specific persona in the media, it is pretty easy for them to develop a few perceptions about you that aren’t necessarily true, as they only see a portion of what you reveal. However, when your fans meet you in real life, they do tend to get surprised when you turn out to be someone different despite the perceptions, they have had about you. That being said…what is it about yourself that you would want people to know about the real you?

I want people to see that I am a kind, loyal, polite, calm, and thankful person. Although I am 100% myself on my social media, my followers still might not see my true self because it is only through a screen. I would hope that people can see that I am a genuine person and very down to earth, regardless of the glitz and glam. With my brand, Youmi Beauty, I also created the Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation in 2017 to send 25% of the generated sales of Youmi Beauty to children’s orphanages, charities aiding the disabled, and different countries in need. This is a huge part of our mission as we strive to always give back to the less fortunate.

Q.6 We often talk about the rewarding aspects that social media platforms can bring to us. While it does amplify one’s presence worldwide, there are certain areas of fame, which often results to make oneself lose their touch with reality, and forgetting where they first started in their creative endeavours. Having said that, what do you do, to keep yourself grounded and protect your mental wellbeing?
It is important to surround yourself with good, honest people which is what helps to protect my mental well-being. I also feel very humbled and grounded by the charity work that the Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation does as I have had many great opportunities of spending time with people in need.

Q.7 As they say, one’s fashion style is a reflection of their inner self. That being said…how would you describe your fashion sense? Are there any particular fashion trends you like and don’t particularly like?
My fashion sense is quite diverse, sometimes you will catch me in my mom jeans and Nike Jordan’s, and other times I will dress very elegantly in a long dress and high heels. I make an effort with my fashion every morning because it sets a good standard for the rest of my day. I would say my favourite trends would be long, classy dresses with matching bags and accessories. A trend that I dislike is when people tie-dye their t-shirts, I just do not like it!

Q.8 Tell us about Youmi Beauty. What makes your brand dynamic from the rest? What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to creating a versatile range of cosmetic, beauty and personal care products?
Youmi Beauty products echo class and comfort, and are madewith the highest standards of quality and ethics. Our first few collections included coloured contact lenses, premium eyelashes and hair extensions. Youmi Beauty now also offers a range of hair tools including a hair curling kit, hair drying kit, and a hairbrush, with plenty of new projects in the pipeline. My main source of inspiration is the fierce women of the Arab world, with a focus on inspiring all women of the world to feel confident and empowered whilst celebrating the women of both today and tomorrow.

Q.9 Are there any projects you are secretly working on? If so…what would you like to tell us about it or…do you want it to be a surprise? Also, for those who aspire to enter a similar profession like yours…what advice would you give to the youth who aim to start out as influencers?
I am pleased to say that Youmi Beauty will be launching a skincare line this year! For those looking to become an influencer, my advice would be to start building your profile now and post creative content as much as possible to keep people engaged with your page. I would also suggest trying to plan out what it is that you want to achieve with being an influencer, and set goals to try and get there.

1.When you wake up, the first thing you do is:
The first thing I do is put my fluffy slippers on and do my morning self-care routine.

2.What’s on your playlist?
I listen to a lot of Arabic music, but also really like house music.

3.Your perfect weekend getaway?
It would have to be a relaxing weekend spent at the beach with friends and family. I love sunbathing during the day and getting all dressed up in the evening to go for a nice dinner.

5. A movie quote that describes you best
“You must always have faith in people, and most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself” – Legally Blonde

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