The Enchantress Called Bella

Ioanna Bella

When Cinderella walked into the ballroom taking everybody by storm, radiating sheer and pristine charm, when I think about Ioanna Bella, that is how I perceive her to be; An enchantress who is born to encapsulate the entire world, with a capital ‘E.’ Ioanna isn’t just a trailblazing OG when it comes to fashion. It almost goes without saying Bella can still conquer the floor. Having battled every single curveball life had to throw at her before setting the stage on fire with her magnificence, here is the untold story of the one and only…Ioanna Bella. The enchantress who can do it all and definitely the enchantress, who is born to conquer and inspire dozens of women galore.

How did your journey as a model begin? What inspired you to pursue this?
It all happened by accident. I first started working for myself, until the owner of my actual agency saw me and encouraged me to pursue this profession. I’m grateful for the care I received from them.

The starting point for every model is no cakewalk. Can you share with us some difficulties you had faced at the beginning of your career? What have those challenges taught you?
I was either considered to be too tall or feminine. At the beginning of my career, this was one of the main challenges I had faced. But gradually, the more progress I made, the more trust and respect I started to gain from my clients. From then on, they never seemed to be fazed by my height. Being 1.84 cm is pretty tall and a little challenging for a girl, unless you are an athlete.

How did you feel when you were crowned Ms. Greece? What was running through your mind when you were given the widely acclaimed title? How did you prepare for the competition?
I was confident that I would win. That night, I felt like I was royalty. I could sense the excitement emerging from the crowd which only made me feel more confident and victorious. This is definitely one memory I cherish and will never forget.

Who are your biggest fashion influences? If yes, can you tell us what is it about them that you admire the most?
I admire the presence of Camila Choelho, because she has a magnetic and compelling beauty… a type of person you’d want to look at forever. I also look up to other eminent celebrities, such as Susan Sarandon because of the contributions she made in charity, and Seleste Barber because she always knows how to brighten our spirits with her humour and vibrant personality!

Is modelling as challenging as everyone views it to be? Of course, there is so much more to this creative profession than what usually meets the eye. What is it about this unique profession that you’d want people to know about?
Something I’d wish for people to know about “our world” is that there are situations that are bound to make you feel uncomfortable especially when interacting with potential clients. Often at times, these clients don’t really have clarity on what they aim to seek, or maybe they are unsure on how to put forth their thoughts in a concise manner.

What are some of your biggest achievements that you’d like to share with us?
I am very proud of having received this opportunity to be in front of a L’Officiel cover. I look at it as a milestone, thanks to the efforts I had put in to receive a reward as wonderful as this. I also starred in a campaign of a brand that is responsible for crowning future Miss Universe’s. I felt like I owned the world, which is an amazing feeling to possess. I also had the pleasure to star as an influencer, in cooperation with Givenchy perfumes and it made me very happy.

As a model, what types of photoshoots do you typically enjoy?
I love luxury. More luxurious it is, the more expensive I feel.

As trends in fashion continue to evolve, surely, we are allowed to have our shares of dislikes. Is there any particular trend in fashion you do not connect with?
I prefer to fit into anything. I prefer to belong to everyone. Long story short? I don’t have any preferences as such! I like to be me. I like to be feminine.

What do you look forward to as you continue to progress? What are some of the benchmarks you have set for yourself, and would like to accomplish by the end of this year?
There is no denying that this year started off on a not-so positive note. We were all going through our shares of ups and downs, but managed to overcome it. Now, I don’t fear, let alone find anything hard. For this year, I hope to move to the U.S.A, follow, pursue and achieve bigger milestones over there.

What is it about Ioanna you’d want people to know?
When people meet or see me for the first time, I’m aware that they see me as someone who’s driven and independent. But I want them to know that I’m real. I have emotions and feelings too, at the end of the day. I am sensitive and sometimes I find myself in moments where I’m hard on myself. Like many other women, I have my shares of insecurities too. I’m no different from them. Beauty can’t be defined by a shape or size. I believe that beauty can be found in anything and that every woman out there is beautiful just the way they are. However, at the same time, being beautiful and being a woman is not always easy.

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