The Most Wonderful Time Unique Christmas gift ideas you might just love

Christmas Gift

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Tis the season of love, hope, peace, joy and of course, gifts! Gift giving traces back on the time of the Three Wise Men who gave tributes after the birth of Jesus, eventually becoming a tradition to Christians. Furthermore, the holiday season is a great way to spread joy to those we love and care about by giving them something from us.
Have you bought presents already? We’re sure you’re considering giving a present other than dresses or shoes. If you’re still thinking what present to give, here are some options to make your gift stand out.

1. Personalized jewelries
One can never go wrong with accessories especially for women and kids. This customized necklaces can be your best accessory for everyday use plus it adds a total glam to the wearer. Jewelries need not to be expensive if you’re giving it as a gift. Always remember that, cliché at it sounds, it’s the thought that always counts. So if you’re planning to give a unique gift to your mom, girlfriend, wife or friend, this can make an excellent present. You can find a lot of personalized jewelries makers online but here are some choices from The Gift Links.

2. Scented candles
Charm your friends with some scented candles on Christmas. What makes scented candles a unique gift is that the aroma elevates the mood. You can choose the scent depending on their personality too whether they like sweet smelling or a festive one. There is really something fascinating on a burning candle as it makes the atmosphere more dramatic and sweet that is why it is with no surprise that shops such as Bath and Body Works are always busy during the holiday season. This gift will surely complete the Christmas-y feeling as an added accessory to decors in your homes which is a good way to lure Santa over. Furthermore, these scented essentials infused with love from Clara will surely take your breath away.

3. Wine
Nothing beats a fine bottle of wine. Giving wine as a Christmas present makes an excellent choice as well. It does not have to be expensive but try to align it with their personality. In that case, you are giving a gift that is more than just a bottle but an experience as well. The great part also is that friends and family can enjoy drinking which makes the celebration even more enjoyable.

4. Customized artwork on a bag
The world is your runway. If you’re a fashionista and you love artistic things, go strut your stuff on the streets with some customized artworks on bags. Artworks do not have to be placed in your wall only so it would make a special statement gift. While there are tons of independent artists who make customized artworks, here’s one from Signatura Collection.

5. A ticket to happiness
Who says gifts only have to be material things? Imagine your reaction to receiving a ticket to your dream destination or a ticket to your much awaited concert. What is special about giving an experiential gift is that, the giver goes beyond the effort of making the receiver’s wish come true. You are gifting an experience – a memory that will last forever. This may be a bit costly but every penny counts especially when you’re making a loved one happy, right?

6. Book
When you have too much to say but can’t find the right way, a book will make an excellent gift. Books can be transformational and they can influence you in a lot of ways. It can tickle your emotions and give you ideas you haven’t even thought of before. Maybe, just maybe, it can also change your life. Just be sure that your receiver has a thing for reading. Otherwise, it may end up being on the display shelf only.

7. Tumbler
Would you like someone to remember you every time they take a sip? While mugs can be a cliché gift, a personalized tumbler which can be used at home or at the office would be thoughtful. These tumblers from The Gift Links make a cute way for your colleagues to stay hydrated.

Whether how cheap or expensive your Christmas gifts may be, we should not neglect to appreciate them. Do not overthink that they might not like your gift and stop comparing it with others. Remember that the thought and effort put into giving are what we should really care about. While there may be an endless list of gifts to give, the greatest gift that we can give to others is love.

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