The Progressivist: Interview with Mherck De La Cruz

Mherck De La Cruz

Here’s a question to ponder – Whose life benefits the most from social media? Is it the ones drawing attention by posting snapshots of their life online, or is it the creators that have turned it into a multi-billion-pound industry?

It is said, one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects about working in social is that you’re never done learning. While juggling the diverse responsibilities, social media managers bring both hard skills and soft skills to the table. Even a pro requires to continuously develop a number of vital marketing and marketing-adjacent social media skills. Victor magazine has discovered one such pro, Mherck DeLa Cruz, amidst us in the UAE.

From keeping an eye on various social media accounts to enrapturing the audience with his photographic skills, Mherck DeLa Cruz is a visionary neoteric who calls himself the ‘Goal-Digger’. An intriguing and enigmatic persona who can create endless ripples through the power of his talent, he believes true success lies in doing what you love to do and transforming one’s passion into worship.

His intriguing experiences about events that unfolded from his bold moves, make for gripping narratives. Homo sapiens have always been drawn towards such success stories. Haven’t we?

A social media executive by day and a photographer during his free time, Mherck DeLa Cruz has some lessons to offer. Are we ready to take them?

Can you tell us about some well-known online communities you previously handled?

I started in the industry working as a PR for a popular nightclub in HK before I was offered a job in the marketing department for Maximal Concepts in LKF as a Marketing Assistant. I worked closely with the Marketing Director handling two accounts: Play HK and Studio Club HK. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to a Marketing and Creative Executive. After my almost 3-year stint there, I joined Play and Studio’s main competitor, Dragon-I Group where I handled four distinct accounts. While doing so, I was also freelancing with W Hotels Worldwide as their content creator for properties in Hong Kong, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Singapore, Bali, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Goa and Koh Samui. I am now the Social Media Executive for W Dubai – The Palm. These experiences allowed me to handle and grow extensive online communities for these world-class brands.

What are the strategies you use to generate more leads?

I’ve created Like Campaigns for the accounts that I manage here at W Dubai hotel. The key strategy in a dynamic market such as Dubai is not only cultivating a target market but also knowing when to boost certain ads to these specific markets. Here at W Dubai, I am looking after 5 accounts, four of which are F&B venues with distinct personalities and promotions and activations. Knowing when to boost is crucial to generating leads and converting the leads revenue. Boosting also has enabled us to get not only increased inquiries but also had people asking for “that specific drink/food” in a video ad they saw from us – allowing us to upsell more things easily!

In your own words, what are the goals you set for your social media channels and how will you determine success?

I was brought on board for the unique, visual way I am able to capture the mood and feel of the messaging our venues seek to convey. Success is determined by our increase of followers and the overall increase of new clientele as well as returning clientele into our gorgeous property and venues. Of course, this all leads to bigger financial success for the entire property. In the end, isn’t that the greatest marker for success?

What are some of the tactics used to create more curiosity and engagement for the users?

We frequently partner with select influencers of the region to reach a lifestyle-minded market. This augments our reach, which, in turn, brings in more leads. The game has changed and is always evolving. Five years ago in Hong Kong, the game focused on static imagery and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. After Vine, Snapchat and now Tik Tok have disrupted social media, 2021 has brought a focus on reels, stories, live videos! A large segment of consumers nowadays want to see motion, action and imagination and, as such, our tactics adapt to the needs and desires of the market.

How do you keep yourself abreast when it comes to evolving trends and innovations?

I believe it is important to follow your personal social media disruptor heroes who are always on top of new social media trends. It’s easier for me to learn by observing than it is for me to read books and articles on the subject.

How are you and your team affiliated with the EXPO 2020? What can you tell us?

Marriott is a sponsor of EXPO 2020 but our own property is not directly involved.

What do you look for as the future continues to progress?

I’m looking forward to see great advancements in how people behave – how they consume social media and on how our industry would adapt to these ever-changing methods: with AR augmented reality and MR mixed reality peeping through the horizon, I am excited to see what kind of content we can create and produce to create wonderful experiences for people.

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