The Truth About Gold


Success is subjective. It can be associated with anything as far as personal achievements are concerned. Often, when we think about success or the concept of showing ‘That You’ve Made It, we associate these terminologies with materialistic items that have little to no value or just by simply proclaiming out loud that yes you’ve indeed made it, because you want more validation that trancedes into unwanted attention. Tell me, who exactly are you doing this for? What is the purpose behind this five-minutes of fame that you are desperately after? And most of all….who cares?

I’ve seen the majority of the youth in my generation, who flaunt their wealth on social media, just to show people that they’ve made it but little do they know, that those instant reshares and likes aren’t going to last long, since those people probably won’t end up remembering them. And for those people who tend to be a little bit younger, it’s easy for them to easily get swayed based on what they see on social media. Little do they know, that most of the glitz and glam that is plastered on various online platforms, might not be fake. You can borrow a high-end designer bag from someone and still pretend to show that you’ve made it and fool people into thinking that you are leading the life that they wish they could lead.

When I think about success, I like to think about it from a more organic perspective. Success to me, is when you’ve stuck to your action plan without getting distracted into achieving what you want. If you’ve managed to lose a significant amount of weight, that to me is success. If you’ve managed to climb Everest, that to me is success. If you’ve scored the desired grades you wanted in a test, that to me is success. Success isn’t about how much money you make, how many properties you own or the kind of cars you drive. Success is loving yourself and being grateful for what you’ve got.

Define success on your own terms and your understanding. Achieve it by your own accords and gradually you’ll start leading the life you’ve always meant to follow.


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