The Virtual Getaway

Have you ever felt like running away from all your problems? Or thought of packing your bags and going to another country where no one knows you? Well, if you did then don’t worry most of us did too. I think all of us went through some point in our lives where we needed a break from all that’s bothering us. We get overwhelmed and tired from all that’s happening that we feel the need to escape. Unfortunately, we can’t do that all the time. It is either because we don’t have the money for it, we don’t have time for it, or for many other different reasons. However, did you notice that sometimes we escape reality virtually? Have you ever thought about that? Like, when you don’t want to be in a place you automatically open your phone. When you feel so bored you scroll through your social media. You do all of this to get yourself distracted and disconnected from your surroundings. Did you notice it? What if I told you TikTok was the best application that helped in doing so… especially during quarantine. Will you then agree with me?

TikTok has been the trending platform for the new generation. With more than one billion users, TikTok is one of the easiest platforms to get famous. In case you still don’t know what I am talking about. Don’t worry, I got you! TikTok is a social media network that is focused on sharing video content. The videos are usually 15 seconds long, but now they can reach up to 3 minutes. The videos can be about anything: sports, experiences, makeup tutorials, funny incidents, or much more… You can also participate in some challenges with your friends, family, and even celebrities. TikTok gave a lot of people opportunities to share their talents all around the world. Making it easier for their work to get recognized. That’s why we even have TikTok influencers now. In this article, I’ll be talking about two trending influencers here in UAE “Mona Al Chaar and Mohamed Attal” who can tell you more about their experience with this application.

Mona Al Chaar, known as “Netflix Mona”, is a 21 years old TikTok influencer who is famous for her funny stories that people can relate to in their daily lives. The main video behind her success was the one where she talks about how her family went out without her and left her alone at home. Her funny storytelling skills attracted viewer’s attention to the video. This video taught Mona a lot, she mentioned in an interview that “One should never give up because one thing might happen that can change the person’s whole life”. She also encouraged others to keep doing what they are good at, and focus on it so they can be successful. She also gave our readers some tips about how to use TikTok effectively, for instance: Use Hashtags well (Look for trending # from the explore page), look for popular sound or songs (you can check the latest hit music and use it), be interactive, stay consistent (Keep your profile organized and post regularly), and most importantly focus on the content (think about what your audience want to see). So, what should we avoid? Well, Mona pointed out an important piece of information that users should keep in mind “Avoid Technical Errors”. For example Bad lighting and low-quality videos. Don’t worry it is okay to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes. Plus remember, avoid listening to the haters because they will try to drag you down. Look at the positive side. And as she said “Just do it! never say you can’t”, and always believe in your capabilities.

Have you ever watched La Casa De Papel? and If you did, who is your favorite character? Is it Rio? What if I tell you, Mohamed Attal is Rio number 2?! Mohamed Attal, an 18 years old TikTok influencer who was once a professional football player is now doing something different. His journey on TikTok started when his brother Yazan Attal encouraged him to try something new during quarantine. Mohamed then started posting regularly, combining different ideas making a creative video. Although he faced many obstacles in the start, like trying to reach people worldwide and creating a new trend. But he was able to learn from his mistakes and turn them to his benefit. Mohamed is well-known for his appearance that looks like Rio from Money Heist. One of his favorite videos is the one that creatively shows the resemblance between him and the character. He mentioned that this video took a lot of time and effort to do since it required a lot of transitions and acting skills. Being famous on TikTok might take a while, but it is worth the wait. TikTok comes with a lot of advantages. According to Mohamed, it opened a lot of doors for him. For example: Job Opportunities, Popularity, Good Income, Good connections, and more… That’s why for a video to get viral, you should make sure that your content is unique and up to date. Mohamed Attal’s advice to the readers is to “Make a plan before your journey”.

In conclusion, remember to always follow your dreams and ambitions! If they can do it, You can! I hope the tips that they gave you will benefit you (in case you wanted to be a TikTok influencer). Just keep in mind to check the latest trend to stay up to date. Plus, think about what your audiences want to see because it is very important. Details in anything matters. If you want to be an expert in something, focus on the smallest details because that is what makes an outcome great! Don’t forget to keep your head high and focus on your goal!

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