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The Talk of The Year

With more than 190 countries participating in this event, EXPO 2020 has been the talk of the year. People from all over the world are coming to share their thoughts and innovations to make the world a better place. The excitement can be clearly shown on people’s faces whenever you mention such a tremendous event. The theme for this year’s EXPO is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. EXPO officially opened its doors on October 1, 2021, and it has 3 districts: Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity. Each district has a lot to offer, so be ready to witness the unimaginable!

Talking about opportunity, I noticed that people have a lot to say regarding such an event. So, I asked a couple of people a bunch of questions to see their point of view about EXPO. What is the thing you are most excited to see? Is it only for business personnel? Can you find opportunities there? Therefore, I am happy to say that I gathered enough information to build a general idea about what the majority of people think and expect from EXPO. Most of them think of it as a great place to share their talents and skills with the world. And in such a way, they will gain exposure that might give them a lot of opportunities in the future. Some even mentioned that they expect it to exceed their expectations! Because they believe that the UAE delivers what it promises. So, what is Expo? Expo comes from the word exposition, which means displaying something in the open (as in a large exhibition). It is a place where each country showcases its culture, art, technologies, ideas, and much more to the world. So, people can come together and thrive from such an experience.

The Talk of The Year

Are you looking forward to exploring the wide range of pavilions?! Well if you do, be ready to indulge yourself in a journey full of different food flavors from all around the globe. From African cuisine to European cuisine make sure that you keep a room for all the food that you are going to eat. Are you excited to visit the German Pavilion where a band of robots will play Beethoven’s famous work?! What about the Belgium Pavilion, where a lot of architects are thrilled to examine the designs that are done to produce more energy than it consumes?! Some are even keen to see the Belarus Pavilion where People who have an interest in science can see the 4D prints of live cells! There is a lot to do and to see in EXPO 2020. So get yourself prepared well so you won’t miss anything!

Would you be able to describe Expo in one word? If yes, what would it be? Personally speaking, I will describe it by saying “Flourishment”. Because I think from such an exhibition, people will become more educated and informed about what’s happening in this world. Plus, It will also help in introducing new ideas and concepts that can benefit a person’s future. Someone mentioned Expo as the “Futuristic Hub” where the latest technologies will be introduced to the public. I expect we will see a lot of inventions regarding saving and protecting our precious environment.

As you can see a lot of people are talking and sharing different ideas about EXPO. And there is only one thing left to do, is to check it out! So mark the day on your calendar and plan your trip online to have smooth easy access. I recommend you to visit their official website to have an idea about what to expect from such an event and to gain all the information necessary before going. Don’t forget to open your eyes and mind to all the amazing cultures that you are going to explore!

The Talk of The Year

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