The Winner Mentality of Rami Luzon

Rami Louzon

Tasked with a complicated assignment that many deem to be their one way ticket to failure, here’s an individual who only sees success…regardless of what the outcome would be. Having always been an effortless creator in not only creating his own reality, but building an empire that is dubbed to be one of the most well-respected and leading brands in the beauty industry, Rami Louzon has a mindset that literally screams ‘I am a Winner.’
What had started as a simple dream to establish a world in cosmetics and healthcare, Rami Louzon, CEO and Founder of La Beaute, always knew and persisted in the belief that his brand will one day rule the world of cosmetics. And that day has already happened. It personably exists in a world, in which you and I are a part of. With a fierce drive to succeed in the surplus of opportunities that come his way, a powerful mindset that maximises his potential which ultimately results in his success being multiplied… What distinguishes Rami Louzon from the rest of us?
Speaking with Victor Magazine, Rami Louzon shares his entrepreneurial journey.

1. Executing an idea in order for it to be fully established into a successful empire… requires confidence, commitment and determination. What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?
Rami: It all started 8 years ago with a simple dream to establish my world in cosmetics and professional haircare. The best ingredients in terms of quality and the No.1 French chemist we on the top of my list. I always knew deep down that I will one day rule the world of cosmetics. That kept me going every single day with the same desire.

2. what did your life look like before becoming an entrepreneur?
Rami: We have a family business in cosmetics and I was working for my father. My father is tough. He taught me the importance of being disciplined and I did everything you can think of. I delivered, I carried products and even cleaned the factory. I even stayed overtime. My father told me one thing, “IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR WORLD THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK YOUR WAY UP”.

3. This is something I’d like to know: does the loneliness of an entrepreneur really exist?
Rami: In my opinion, it doesn’t exist. It’s about being smart, judicious and selective in terms of associating yourself with the people who’ll only motivate you in progressing forward. That’s the kind of people I choose to be with. Sometimes when you have the right partner, you have the boost, the drive and more energy to go forward.

4. Before starting La Beaute, were there any other names you’d thought off? What are some of the core elements that La Beaute stands for?
Rami: Of course. There were many names that came in mind. But I’d rather not say it for now. To me, La Beaute sounded right. It is simple and lives forever. It signifies beauty. It is also memorable.

Q.5 how did your interest towards the beauty industry emerge? How is your brand different from the rest?
Rami: I create an experience inside-out. La Beaute has it all. It’s an experience one wouldn’t forget and you’d just want to keep coming back for more. Whether it is the quality, the feelings, the smell, the packaging and most of all, the result…we are a brand who can do it all. We deliver whatever it is that you as the consumer…would want in a cosmetic brand.

Q.6 Every creative individual has a different experience when it comes to coming up with versatile ideas for brands. When you are faced with a creativity block, what’s your strategy to get innovative?
Rami: When I create a new product, I have a smart and creative team onboard who conduct the research with me, consults me and I mentor them to achieve the best name. Be it the aroma or design, it is something that comes to us naturally simply because we are focused on the end-result, which leads us to the path of success. Because of this, I don’t really think there’s a creative block, as I know I’m surrounded by a team of creative professionals that I can trust. If you have that from a business and creative point of view…there’s no reason to worry.

Q.7 was there ever a gleaming moment of special recognition?
Rami: I would like to share a time capsule with you. When I created my collection “Haute Couture Capillaries”, it was made from Hyaluronic acid and back then it was only for fillers and aesthetics. I then decided to meet with a leading company from Switzerland in order to add this A+ ingredient to my collection. And that ultimately resulted in my company to be the first of its kind in Israel, to ever put Hyaluronic acid into hair products.

Q.8 as a successful and well-respected founder, what are your thoughts on the beauty industry right now? What are some of the strategies you use to increase your brands social media presence?
Rami: We work ahead. In La Beaute, we are already working with technology that will be used in 2025. Same goes for the beauty world. it is evolving so fast and it is always on the right track. Social media is our business card. It’s our look book and definitely it’s our guide on how to always remain on the top, as a thriving brand.

Q.9 let’s talk about funding. How do you find the right team of people to be involved in your idea and how do you bring that into fruition?
Rami: I have always been self-funded with no help from family or a financial house. My team is my home. They are La Beaute. They feel the ownership through diversity, energy and the creative fair space I have created over the past 8 years.

Q.10 Last but not the least…are there any exciting ventures that La Beaute is working on? Because it is a force to be reckoned with… what would you want the audience to watch out for?
Rami: I would like to exclusively announce through The Victor Magazine, that we are coming to the Middle East starting from Dubai. We are working with maximum power to offer the very best to the whole of Middle East.

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