The Women Behind Bright Black Fashion: Interview with Alicia Becerra & Andrea Laguna

The best vision comes after the toughest climb. In a world that once expected women to remain subdued, they chose to shatter the glass ceiling. They say thinking small is for the feeble hearted. While many choose to settle for the tried and tested boxes to fit in, there are some others that create a path for the life they strive to lead. While professional accomplishments can be one piece of a puzzle, there are many other important pieces that help to put it together. These pieces are the fragments of a growth mindset, something not uncommon yet not every individual can boast off. 

Two fierce, focused and driven entrepreneurs, Alicia Becerra and Andrea Laguna who are the proud founders of Bright Black Fashion,  top-notch event-agency that serves as a platform to give opportunities to various talents, encouraging them to express themselves freely in the creative fields of fashion designing, photography, modelling and makeup. 

The business world has the innate potential to spread its popularity of different genres in a heartbeat. Thanks to social media, there is no dearth in the birth of raw talent and bold originality. Yet, it is only the most influential that leave their own trail across and leave an indelible mark in the landscape. Having carved their niches on the shores of U.A.E, here are two fierce and dedicated entrepreneurs that try to keep themselves ahead of the curve. Andrea Laguna and Alicia Becerra’s success story goes to show, if one is confident and stubborn enough to overcome hurdles, the world bows before you. When passion beckons, success happens.

What keeps Their motivation fuelled? Let’s learn. 

Q.1 What is that one word you would use to describe where you are and what you have accomplished today? If you were to compare yourself to the person you were to the person you are today, how have you evolved? 

Andrea: If I were to compare myself to the person I was, to the person you see me today, I have definitely improved and grown so much. Creatively and professionally. Similarly, Bright Black Fashion has evolved from an idea into an amazing platform that helps and supports people from all over the world to achieve their dreams and that is a very powerful thing. For me, it is always my drive to do my best and learn something new everyday. I learn everyday as a person and an artist from the participants and the entire journey that has been to build the company.

Alicia: For me, it’s my perseverance and my dedication.  I have evolved 90%. My change began internally and the efforts I put in my work. Not only professionally and creatively, but also with myself as a person. I’m always on the lookout on how I’m able to clearly know where and how I want to go. 

Q.2 Before venturing into the creative field of entertainment and business, did you both ever find yourself in situations where people around you didn’t believe in you or your dreams? How did the two of you feel at that point in time and how did you manage to smash those doubts that were circulating in your mind? 

Andrea:There will always be people who will not believe in your ideas or dreams and can tempt you to lose drive. However, you will find people who will support you in your projects and ideas. The most important thing for me was to work towards my goals and use some of the constructive criticism to improve and be the best version of myself. 

Alicia: We all go through challenges in our lives, some way or the other. You’ll always come across people who will not believe in your goals and ambitions. It is up to us to decide what we do with it and running away should never be an option. Instead of running away, show them what you are capable of and work hard, silently. I persisted and I learnt a lot. You fall, you get back up and never stop till you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to achieve. Today, I will say, I learned lessons, rather than saying I faced obstacles. I have had thousands of challenges since I started from the bottom, but you never stop facing them. Especially seeing now, on how fast the industry is growing. My passion and my hard work are what keeps me going and without these two qualities, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Q.3 Social Media has been a game changer for every creative organization when it comes to recruiting or establishing new talent. From what I’ve incorporated, Bright Black Fashion has amassed an impressive audience base. Please share with us…what are some of the techniques you and your team use to engage and attract consumers who are fascinated in knowing more about your brand? 

Andrea: Talent comes in many ways, shapes and forms. We are providing a real space for all the participants to show their talent and our amazing team of professionals. Bright Black Fashion is focused in one thing and that is to help and support new talents in the fashion industry and as a company we work hard every day for this goal to become true in the biggest way possible as we strive to be a great opportunity for the participants, collaborators and everyone who believes in our platform and projects surrounding it, like our Latin America Tour.

Alicia: I believe that one must be empathetic in order to understand what a person needs. We are always in touch with our community daily and know how many people are out there waiting for an opportunity to shine. We believe in them so we came up with the opportunity to create a platform, where talents ranging from various creative fields can freely express themselves. Social media is definitely a game changer in introducing new talents, let alone promoting them. Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have been a massive influence in not only searching, but promoting new talents. We understand clearly how sometimes it can be quite challenging to find the right platform and unleash your true, inner potential…further showing the world what you are made of, from a creator’s point of view. Bright Black Fashion is indeed a versatile and creative platform and we are always looking forward to discover, promote and introduce new talents. 

Q.4 Can you describe to us the process involved in making Bright Black Fashion the success it is today? What makes Bright Black Fashion different, in comparison from the rest? 

Andrea: Bright Black Fashion is a platform where dreams can come true! Anyone from anywhere that has a talent and believes in it, can participate, work to achieve their dreams and get into the fashion industry with elite companies worldwide.

Alicia: When you work hard, recognition comes with the process. You work hard and your dedication will naturally put in a good result. It happens organically and you also have to be patient for success to find you. The success of BRIGHT BLACK is the approach of social integration and opportunity without requirements. I’m happy and proud to see the positive response and recognition Bright Black is getting. 

Q.5 It is often said that sometimes, when some plans don’t work in your favour… the universe has something much bigger and brighter to offer you. As per your experiences… How would you elaborate this?

Andrea: I would have never known that I would be in Dubai, working on my own projects and helping so many amazing people. Ofcourse, at times things may not go according to plan but that’s okay. Maybe there is something much better waiting for you since the universe itself has a plan for you. But that doesn’t mean you stop working towards achieving your goals. Success happens and follows those who are patient, hardworking and dedicated. So, all we know is we need to work hard and always try to do as much as we can, to get where we aspire to be! Your hardwork and dedication will speak for itself. 

Alicia: I agree with this statement. If at times you have a plan and sometimes it may or may not work in your favour, it simply means that there is a much bigger and brighter opportunity waiting to capture you. I firmly believe that the universe takes you to the exact thing at the right time. All you have to do is just believe in yourself and wonders will happen, as long as you also put in the required efforts.

Q.6 In your own words, what characteristics or traits do you believe successful people have in common?

Andrea: All the really successful people I know, have something in common and that is they help people, one way or another. They look to give back. That to me, one of the most important things we can do, is giving back to a community, a society that has pushed you into doing your best and has also seen you grow, creatively and professionally. 

Alicia: Respect, honesty, humility and empathy. I feel these are the characteristics that successful people possess. A dream doesn’t become a reality with just a snap of our fingers. It takes a great amount of patience and dedication to create our own destiny. I’m very fortunate to have interacted and surrounded myself with equally talented and successful people, who only inspire and motivate me to do my absolute best. 

Q.7 Last but not the least, I just want to quickly mention that I’m so proud of everything you and your partner, Alicia Becerra have accomplished. The magazine would like to know, are there any exciting projects you are working on? What can you tell us about it? Or do you want it to be a surprise for now? 

Andrea:  Definitely the Bright Black Latin America Tour!!! It will be an amazing experience to have amazing designers, including Michael Cinco who is a staple in fashion for his incredible designs, showing their collections in Colombia and Argentina. This is the first season and there is much more to come!

Alicia: For sure, the Bright Black Latin America Tour. We are  also working on what will be the platform for musicians. I’m also personally working on launching my clothing brand ALI BCRRA. A line only for plus size people. I want their body to not be an obstacle to feeling beautiful and empowered.

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