Things to do in Dubai in June


Dubai summers are quite unforgiving, but that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from all the fun. Well prepared for the many tourists and the merciless heat, Dubai has so many other cool activities that are in fact much more engaging and entertaining. In this ever changing high-tech city, one can always hope to find something exceptionally unique at every turn. Here are some of the really fun things to experience during your time in Dubai, in the month of June.

1. Go scuba diving at Deep Dive Dubai
Deep Dive Dubai is a 60 metre deep pool of fresh water that expands into the depth with the setting of a sunken city. First time divers can learn scuba diving and certified divers can show off their skills in this magical place. For those that have always wanted to go on an underwater adventure, this is your perfect opportunity to swim into the deepest swimming pool in the world.

2. Cruise through Dubai Creek
How does this sound? A summer evening, you board the Dhow cruise along the Dubai creek, a wonderful ride through which delicious dinner and exclusive entertainments are presented to you and lastly, there’s music and parties aboard. Yep! The Dhow dinner cruise is one of the most underrated activities in Dubai that is not spoken about enough, because this is an experience like no other. On one side of the creek, there are tall buildings glittering with lights and on the other side is Al Seef, a quiet walk-along space with fine dining restaurants and in the middle of the serene backwater you’ll find yourself floating on an amazing boat ride.

3. No Way Out Escape rooms
The most thrilling experience you are yet to encounter is at No Way Out Escape Rooms. There are a variety of themes of escape rooms, such as circus, horror cinema, school of magic, psycho, Da Vinci and more. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just love solving puzzles or both, gather your friends and book one of your favourite themes at the desired locations. Among the many relaxing and leisure activities you look forward to in Dubai, this could be the one that could get your blood rushing.

4. Butterfly Garden
Situated close to the Miracle Garden, the butterfly garden is home to 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species. The garden is divided into 10 separate domes that are custom made providing a safe environment for the butterflies. Kids and adults can learn about metamorphosis, and all the fun facts about butterflies and their lifecycle. Do not miss the opportunity to be surrounded by the most beautiful fluttering creatures known to mankind.

As a kid we all had the craze for bouncing castles and trampolines, which was much more fun compared to any other rides or games that could exist. It is understandable that as an adult we still sometimes miss jumping without a care in the world flipping into somersaults and backflips, or just standing on a wobbly surface enough to feel the thrill of being a kid again. BOUNCE is a place for folks that want to have the time of their life jumping around with their friends and family. You can host parties and get motivated to exercise in all the fun as well. Do not miss out on all the trampoline fun!


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