This Dress Is Not for You: Body Edition


Picture this. You walk into your favourite clothing store engulfed by the discount posters and buy two and get one free, which only sparks the excitement to not go out empty handed, running through your veins. You immediately spot this gorgeous, red dress that you’ve had your eye on for a while now and you are desperate to try it on. Just when you are about to step into the trial room, sweat trickles down the side of your head when you hear this familiar, nagging phrase lathered with dread; “THIS DRESS IS NOT FOR YOU”. Embarrassed that you may have attracted unwanted attention, you put the dress back into the rack and walk out feeling let down. 

Ladies. How many of us have felt this way? Where we were constantly told that the dresses, we wished to wear weren’t made for us based on somebody else’s opinion? Regardless of what your body type is, you’d surely be able to rock any outfit you put on. Self-acceptance, self-love is an art. An art where its your responsibility to make you believe that you are worth it and that you are enough. You were born to be real. Not perfect. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. However, being able to identify your body structure is the first step to finding an outfit that will surely enhance your charisma that will surely cause a million heads turning towards your direction…wherever you go. Style isn’t always about the glitz, glam and following the latest trends based on its popularity. Style is about owning who you are and highlighting the features that compliment you and your personality.

 So, how do we know what would be the ideal fit for us? 


Hourglass structures are curvy with defined and proportionate hips, waist and bust. Women with this structure have an upper body that is measured as “balanced” in coordination with the length of their legs. The ideal clothing choices that can best accentuate an hourglass physique would be dresses with open and v-necklines, form fitting dresses and tops, wrap dresses with belted waists as well as cinched-in waistlines. 


Women with a cute, pear like physique or sometimes dubbed as “Triangle” have a slimmer upper body and a relatively wider hips and thighs. In order to appear more proportionate and well-balanced, it is recommended that pear-shape body types should consider wearing dresses that will highlight and add volume to the upper portion of their body. The best clothing choices for women with a pear-shaped physique would be dresses such as strapless tops, fitted open neck, V-neckline and A-line or full skirt (mainly for wider hips). Dresses with specifics in the bust area will aid in creating a well-designed effect to accentuate the curves of your body. Bear in mind, that if you pick a dress that’s fitted on the hips, you will probably have to get it altered in order for it to compliment the waist. In short, you will definitely nail in flare and fit dresses, as they are roomier from the waist down and add volume to your small upper body and slim waist. 


Women with an athletic and slightly muscular body with well-defined muscles, their shape is relatively narrower in the hips than in the shoulders. Athletic body types also tend to have waists that are not too well-defined. The key with this body type is to compliment your upper body with your narrower lower body. It is advised for women with this body type to wear dresses, that will give them an hourglass effect. 

The ideal clothing choices for athletic body types would items such as, embellishments and ruffles. Dresses that have flares are also recommended as they will add more details to the broadness of the shoulders. 


Women with a smaller and slender physique, are advised to wear dresses that are more fitting as they will help in accentuating the lean outline of your physique, accompanied with a belt around the waist region that will help in creating a more well-defined, proportionate and appealing look. Short dresses give a bonus in showcasing a little leg, while dresses that are asymmetrical hemline will add an additional inch to your heart, which will help in making people believe that you are much taller than you originally are! Last but not the least, slim-fitting dresses and tops with pleating or vertical prints and a V-neckline will help elongate your overall physique. 

The next time you walk into a store, you know exactly what to get and what to buy, owning the entire place. As cliché as it may sound but it is after all…a known fact; every body belonging to an individual woman is gorgeous and beautiful the way it’s been created. Own thyself and believe that you are enough.

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