Top 10 accessories for the fall of 2023

Fall is the time of the year when one’s wardrobe is a yummy combination of the warm colors of the summer dusted over the cozy apparels of winter. The cherry on top for every fall outfit are fitting accessories, without which nothing would scream autumn. As we transition through the seasons into one of our favourite ones, let’s browse through some of the top selections to stock up our wardrobes just in time.

1. Oversized Scarf
Undeniably one of the coziest accessories of fall 2023! Who wouldn’t want to be swathed in a chunky oversized scarf as the cold breeze of autumn announces itself? Your colors can be warm and bright like the summer or dark and toasty like autumn, regardless, this accessory on its own brings the season to us! Wear the scarf in colors that complement your outfit on the whole and you’re all set for autumn.

2. Retro White Sunglasses
For the ladies of this season, who look forward to unleashing their autumn styles, get your retro sunglasses and pair it with a bandana or scarf, an exquisite coat and your very own sophisticated confidence to nail the look. These pair of glasses have always added a promising classiness to the overall look, and this fall it will serve. So, grab yourself one and step into your chic-mysterious girl era!

3. Knee-High Socks
Weather you find yourself wandering through the city from one café to another or tucked away under the covers with your favourite movies and series to watch, you’re going to need a soft, warm and toasty pair of knee-high socks. Who wouldn’t want one? It keeps your bare legs warm, it looks great with denim shorts and dresses, it goes with edgy, as well as soft girl looks and finally, you can wear them in any color as you please and still rock it! It could be in gloomy colors, warm colors or a crazy mixture of the most vibrant colors, either way, knee high socks are popular this fall.

4. Furry Bucket Hats
Faux fur is an autumn-winter best-friend and when combined with bucket hats, they’re everyone’s best friend because furry bucket hats make anything you wear look tasteful and stylish. These bucket hats would look great in autumn colors such as biege, brown, maroon, moss green or even black.

5. Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are not only showcased by the soft-autumn girlies but also the formal-autumn girlies. These elegant pair of shoes fit so well with so many different attires but are specific to office wear as well as soft dresses. When worn with formals, they look classy and proper and unlike heels, provide utmost comfort for the wearer and when worn with a pretty dress and a jacket, you’re all set for an evening date! Ballet flats are super versatile and we get to show off our own this fall.

We’re at that time of the year when we can fashion a beret all we want. A beret takes us back in time, encasing any look with touch of vintage and elegance. My favourite clothing to pair with a beret is a long coat and sling bag with all our worldly goods in it. But, a beret can be worn in many different styles, personalised to our very own aesthetics. Preferable colors are brown, maroon or dark green.

7.Long gloves
Traditionally worn in red, black or white, long gloves personally make me feel like, I’m taken back to an Audrey Hepburn era or it feels like stepping into Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe. It adds so much character and refinement to any look while also keeping our hands warm. Pair your long gloves either with your very own LBD or a classy jumpsuit with a pearl necklace because we all know the stunning look. Leather, velvet or silk, either way long gloves speak grace and attitude.

8. Newsboy’s Hat
Newsboy’s hat has become the fall accessory ever since Taylor Swift fashioned it for her RED (Taylor’s Version) album cover in November 2021. She already owns the autumn category and as one of the popular icons for fall, she brought back the newsboy’s hat effortlessly and now just as effortlessly, these hats have made their way into the 2023 fall wardrobe. They’re a really cool accessory, but the reason why I’ll be wearing one this fall would be because Taylor wore it and now I’ll wear it too!

9.Simplistic Gold Jewelry
Comfy turtlenecks, boots, perfectly messy hair and pretty gold earrings and rings that stand out. Yep, they never left and they’re not going anywhere this fall. Personally, I loved the gold jewellery on Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti in the series ‘You’ and gold jewelry have always been Hailey Bieber’s thing. Both have been my favorite and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to rock the golds this autumn in our own style.

10. Chunky Boots
The best is always saved for the last. No autumn look is complete without a good pair of boots. But this isn’t just any boots. These are chunky boots. They’re super comfortable, quirky, and you can even wear them on rainy days. They add a funky edge to any look and look absolutely amazing with any outfit. Chunky boots are the final harmony to any fall look and if you want your fall look to sing, get your harmonies.

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