Victor Perfume Dinner at Cleo

perfume dinner

They don’t innovate. They deliver. A place where anything can happen. Cool, hip and magnetically refined. If you confide in friends, family and relatives on what defines a hotel that not only oozes paradise with a Mediterranean touch, but a place that speaks volumes of opulence, grandeur and appreciating the finer things in life…without a doubt it would be Cleo, nestled in the magnificent Hyde Hotel. A place where they curate and manage unique and significant properties and experiences in some of the most scintillating destinations in the world.

An aromatic dinner is the combination of two stimulating experiences, where fine dining and a master class in scent meet. Two experiences that take place at the same place and also at the right time. Elegant and dignified with a hint of celebration. With whispers of excitement that filled the room to mark the occasion, in celebrating the scents of obsession, both; natural and synthetic, The House Victor hosted its first perfume dinner for Dominos and Domina at Cleo Restaurant in Hyde Hotel, last Friday. Working the intersection between High quality perfumery where the wearer can unlock their purest and most timeless confidence, seizing every moment and haute cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. To say that the House of Victor formulated an experimental dinner that explored the unknown world of culinary scents, fine dining and fragrance surely complement each other well. Not only that, but our distinguished guests certainly did so much more than just reacting to the ‘awe’ effect! The evening wasn’t just another evening…rather an evening…a story between two, splendorous senses.

Luxurious, open dining and spacious that is flooded with natural light, Hyde’s Cleo provides impressive views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Canal over its terrace. This gorgeous restaurant is also the place where The House Victor hosted its first perfume dinner, for ‘Dominos & Domina’ last Friday. Offering a modern take on class and sharing dishes, be sure to keep an eye out for a dining experience that is enhanced by an extensive cellar, table-side theatrics and an upbeat, lively ambience. The space itself features interiors reminiscent of evenings, that are bound to leave you astounded whenever you come and visit. Promising a plethora of familiar, versatile flavours, that draws inspiration from countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Greece and Italy, while also putting a modern twist on classic Levantine cuisine…need we reveal more to convince you in finally giving Cleo restaurant a much-needed visit?

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