Vita Eternity – the unisex, hyper protective skincare range revolutionizing beauty & skincare in the Middle East

Vita Eternity

The founder of VITA Eternity, shares the brand’s focus on organic ingredients, as well as the vast array of benefits the products have, their unisex properties and his careful vision for the brand in the competitive skincare market

What qualities of the products ensure to protect the skin in both summer and winter?  

The Elixir formula’s primary ingredient, red rose essential oil, consists of antioxidants that enhance the strength of skin cells. Enabling to moisturize the skin and contain symptoms frequently faced in colder weather conditions such as inflammation and chapped, irritated skin.  

Whereas for warmer weather conditions, red rose essential oil possess a high count of vitamin C and vitamin A which are a key driver in reducing age spots as well as wrinkles that are common symptoms exhibited due to strong UV exposure.  

– What properties are utilized in the products which make them beneficial to both men and women? 

The product holds both topical and aromatic properties which make it beneficial for both genders. As previously mentioned, from a topical perspective, the antioxidants contain potent anti-inflammatory properties which rid the skin of molecules that cause both skin aging and skin damage. Red Rose essential oil also contains antimicrobial properties which are effective  

In decreasing Propionibacterium, which is a bacteria documented to be the primary cause of acne, A major skin condition faced by both men and women. From an aromatic perspective In clinical practice studies, it was proven that both men and women placed in a controlled group experienced a significant decrease in both depression and anxiety levels when exposed to the scent of red rose oil over a one month duration. 

– What are the key scientific qualities which make them work? 

Citral: Is responsible for the development of antimicrobial properties and Vitamin A production.  

Citronellyl Acetate: Invokes the strong and pleasant aroma of the plant, thus why it is used in aromatherapy treatments pertaining to depression and anxiety.  

Eugenol: Contains one of the most powerful antioxidant elements. Which is a major reason behind what makes red rose oil a highly effective skincare product. 

– What are the main benefits for the skin in using the product? 

In addition to the previously mentioned topical benefits of the product, The potent antioxidants found in red rose oil carry therapeutic compounds which help in decreasing skin disorders such as psoriasis and dermatitis. This is possible due to the essential oils ability to settle into the dermis layer of skin with relative ease.  

– Are there any key methods you recommend to maximise their abilities? 

While there are not any alternatives for the application of the product, it is however highly recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Also  

It Is recommended to keep the oil dropper bottle cap tightly closed during both storage and usage. Following these simple steps will help maintain the integrity and potency of the Elixir Formula.  

– Should you apply them in the morning  or evening? 

The product can be applied during both times of the day. Ideally it is better to apply at a time when you will not be experiencing physical excursion or exercise as that perspiration would not give the oil enough time to settle into your dermis. So this would solely imply an individual’s lifestyle and schedule. 

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