What it’s like to be a daughter?

A daughter is like the burning light of two stars. However, plenty of parents forget that reality and believe a son is only what can save them. Across cultures, adults are brought up with the teaching that daughters need to be buried, or having a daughter is a burden and having a son is the beam of your life. But who gives birth to the son you need? A mother. A mother, who is someone’s daughter. If daughters were never born, a son is never born. 

But if a daughter is birthed, what is it like to be a daughter? 

Daughter is a daughter, they give you the hope that a parent always needs. They give them that support, a friend; a mother seeks for. Whether a daughter or a son, children are a parent’s support system. So why is it that they single children down to just one son? Why is there never a thought “I want a daughter too”? 

When daughters are born, they are constantly taunted, abused, least prioritized, compared and discriminated against the opposite gender. They are told to stay home, take responsibility, do the chores and talk less. 

Dad walking in “Son, I got you a present”; daughter asks: “Dad, where’s mine?” Dad’s response; “Go wash the dishes, these are not meant for you”. Why the hideous treatment? “Mom Dad, I got 98% in my exams” Parents reply: “Just wasting our money, you don’t need all this you’re going to get married soon”. Who said daughters are born just for the kitchen and to give birth? 

Women, girls, face these horrendous statements their whole life. Told, they are weak, just a waste of time and money, get rid of them. You can’t work, women have to take care of the house, daughters have to take care of the house. You don’t need education, you’ll be married by 15 and your husband will do his job. “This is a man’s job”, “Men do this” so on and so forth. Why do people think women can’t? Why do they think women can’t be an engineer or women can’t run a business? Why is it told, daughters can’t talk to anyone or go out? Why can’t daughters be educated? Why, why and why. 

I am telling you, a woman can, a girl can and a daughter can. They can work where they want, they can get good grades at school, they can bring prosperity to a family and they can look after their house. 

A daughter is strong, however they hurdle upon difficulties throughout their life, they come out more powerful than ever. So, they are not a burden.

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