Whimsical things to do this December


Every season has its own traits from which we can seek a sense of exhilaration by celebrating it to the fullest. But unlike the rest, December is the last month of the year, gliding us through an array of celebrations, into a brand-new year. It is bound to have some of the most magical ways of celebrating it, be it with company or by yourself. Here are a few ways in which you can find yourself connecting with your soul and most importantly, feel refreshingly alive.

1. Ice Skating
It does not matter whether you know to skate or not. What matters is, as you glide over the glassy ice, it feels so close to flying, even if it lasts only for a moment. Almost as if wings have branched out of you and now you can glide so close to the earth you were once so soulfully tied to. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find yourself latching onto the railings or a friend so tightly and trying your best to balance yourself, but as you get the hang of it, as you find yourself swiftly moving over the ice, without realization, your arms will extend out to feel the breeze passing through you, embracing this special moment for yourself. Have a go with it. Gather your friends or make it your very own quest to explore it. Spot the closest ice rink, grab your skating shoes and experience it for yourself.

2. Lost in your thoughts by the Sea Shore
The December mornings and evenings are an enchanting moment to capture during the winters, especially along the beaches. The air is fresh and chill, the cold sand on the beach engulfs your feet as your senses awaken adjusting to the new sense of comfort by burrowing further into the sand, the occasional squawking of the seagulls as they drift close to the tides trying to catch a meal, and the other birds gliding parallel to the horizon, welcoming the many colors that splash across the sky by the sun, but most importantly, the sound of the crashing waves washing cool and crisp over your feet, giving a secret sense of comfort, as though it knows of all your problems and it can just take it all away along with its retreating tides. Wintery sunrises and sunsets along the beach has to be one the most soul-connecting moments ever to experience.

3. Create Paper Snow flakes
This one takes me right back to my childhood. Making paper snowflakes was such a wonderful thing. It almost used to feel surreal because, how could just a few cuts on a folded paper create such a beautiful symmetrical art? And the fact that that’s how the little snowflakes truly look in real life, definitely a precious moment. Bring over your friends, or make some by yourself or gather the kids around as you unravel an artful magic before them effortlessly, and hang them around the house, paste them as decorations in scrapbooks and albums or hang around a beautiful Christmas tree. This isn’t much if you just consider it in your mind, but once you do it, you’ll understand its place in this list.

4. Organize Secret Santa
Who doesn’t love getting gifts? And this isn’t just about giving and getting gifts. Let’s add a little spice to it! This starts out by gathering your friends, colleagues, or family members, putting everyone’s names in a hat and giving it a good shuffle. As everyone picks out a name, they keep the secret until Christmas, when they truly reveal whose name they had picked out. In the time between picking the name and finally giving the gift, the individuals share little hints to the person whose name they had received by sending messages through other people, anonymous notes and strange messages on social medias. This is such a fun activity to do in groups since everyone is trying to figure out who got their name and suddenly their inner detectives have their eyes out for every little clue. An exciting activity for an exciting time of the year!

5. Get a Book Blind Date
This one is for the introverts, book lovers and the introverted book lovers! Blind book date is simple. You can get a date through many ways. There are book stores that have books wrapped in brown papers with not much information about the book on it, stacked in rows, there are book businesses that set up a date for you based on your genre taste and if those seem like too much, you can have a friend pick out a book, which they think you might love! Sometimes, some of these businesses even send along goodies you can enjoy while reading the book. This is one of my most favorite things to do on the list because it’s an introvert’s dream come true in terms of a date. You get to surprise yourself and enjoy it as you wish for as long as you wish!

6. Hide a Time Capsules
With another splendid year coming to an end, time capsules seem like the perfect way to bid farewell to the wonderful memories and welcome a whole new lot of them. Gifts, trinkets, lost things, found things, and many more of these meaningful items are somethings we all collect in memory of a moment, a person, a relationship or a version of yourself. These memories hold a great amount of value in our hearts and letting go off these items is simply not even an option. So, let’s do this together. Place all these items of value in a box or a jar. It may be a letter, photographs, a piece of jewelry, a note, a pebble, a key or anything literally. Place them together in a container along with a piece of paper with the year and date written on it. Write what you wish to tell to your future-self in a separate piece of paper and seal the box securely. Hide this container in a basement, attic, backyard, treehouse, or anywhere where you can get back to it the next year, around the same time. Keep the time capsule hidden until the time comes with all your little memories and thoughts trapped and frozen within a box until you open them again only to see how farther you have gone with so many more new moments and memories in your heart and mind.


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