Who’s the Power of 3? Hint-They are the Celestial Trios in Luxury, Fashion and Theatre

Different? No, they would like to be addressed as unique. That’s why they are so classy with a modern and contemporary edge.
What if Emily in Paris, Next in Fashion, and a multiverse of theater and film were people? Enter Kevin Oliver, a luminary at the intersection of creativity and spectacle. I would like to refer to him as the Alexander McQueen-meets Thom Browne in theatre with a fashionable edge.
Imagine Kevin Oliver, the luminary of spectacle, whose creative brilliance shines on prestigious runways from Toronto Fashion Week to Dubai Fashion Week, Fashion Forward to London Fashion Week, and Colombo Fashion Week.
As a show director, choreographer, music composer, theatre director, musician, and actor, Kevin orchestrates captivating narratives that redefine the very essence of luxury and refinement. With each stride, his vision transforms the runway into a symphony of elegance, leaving audiences enraptured by the sheer magnificence of his creations. In the realm where fashion transcends mere attire to become an embodiment of sublime expression, Kevin Oliver reigns supreme as the maestro of opulent spectacle.

Picture Martin Victor Al Masri, the visionary creative director and founder of The Victor Magazine and Victor Closet, as the architect of elegance, artistry and extravagance. Martin on the other hand is a creative prodigy whose visions can’t be trifled with.
With an instinct for curating experiences that redefine luxury, Martin weaves together threads of style, culture, and sophistication to craft narratives that resonate with opulence and allure. Through his discerning eye and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, he transforms fashion into an immersive journey where every stitch tells a story of refinement and glamour.

Now, envision Dragana Draca, a red diamond that is alluring, impactful and powerful. The luminary founder of Maison D’ Vie, as the enchantress of luxury and refinement. With a passion for creating spaces that transcend mere living and embrace the essence of indulgence, Dragana curates’ environments where every detail whispers tales of elegance and splendor. Through her unparalleled vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, she crafts havens of sophistication that invite one to immerse themselves in the embrace of exquisite beauty and timeless allure.
In the constellation of artistic brilliance, Kevin Oliver, Martin Al Masri, and Dragana Draca stand as celestial pillars, each illuminating their respective realms with a brilliance that is as inspiring as it is awe-inspiring.
Together, they epitomize the essence of creativity, luxury, and innovation, beckoning us to embark on a journey where the boundaries of imagination are boundless, and the pursuit of excellence knows no limits.

For Martin Victor Al Masri-The Celestial Prodigy of Out of the Box Creativity and Undaunted Artistry

1.Martin, your journey from founding VBH Group to now leading three distinctive ventures is impressive. Could you share a pivotal moment that shaped your vision for merging fashion with editorial creativity?
Ans. The main reason I started the Victor Magazine was back then in 2020 when we were new in the business in terms of House of Victor, no magazine wanted to publish us, everybody put high tickets and invoices. It got me thinking: Why would I want to do that since I am friends with every photographer and stylist in the country, why can’t I do my own? So, I waited for a year until the House of Victor gained the name.
A year after I opened the Victor Magazine, things gradually began to shift and fall into place. In May 2021, we held a gala in the SLS Hotel in Business Bay, which was a proud moment for me.

2.The House of Victor & The Victor Magazine seems to blend fashion and lifestyle seamlessly. What inspired you to create a space that goes beyond mere clothing and delves into a lifestyle narrative?
Ans. I refer to Victor Magazine as ‘The Home of All Talents’ because I want anyone with a talent in writing, photography, videography, editorials, or homegrown brands to see the magazine as their home. I didn’t create the magazine solely for the House of Victor, even though sometimes our editions may predominantly feature it. As the brand expands, I have the prerogative to promote our productions, but my primary focus remains on individuals worldwide who possess talent. However, my particular emphasis is always on talents within the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

3.As both a creative director and editor-in-chief, how do you navigate the intersection between artistic expression and commercial viability, ensuring your publications maintain their unique voice while resonating with your audience?
Ans. Publication is undoubtedly a costly venture in the business world. Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t deter me from actively seeking inspiration, exploring new mood boards, conceptualizing fresh ideas, discovering emerging artists, and venturing into new directions. I firmly believe in the power of unity. When diverse minds come together in alignment, whether it’s for a brand, an addition, or a new photoshoot, the synergy created amplifies, fosters prosperity, and triggers exponential growth. This exponential progress is only achievable when collaborative minds convene around a table, united for the greater good of the product.
4.In an industry where trends come and go, what strategies do you employ to keep Victor magazine relevant and ahead of the curve, while also preserving its timeless allure?
Ans. I am pretty observant when it comes to evolving trends. I observe trends. I’ll never follow them and never will. I get inspired when I connect with different minds who are involved in different niches in a particular industry. I also have the pleasure to connect with various industry peers during my travels.
Travelling allows me to recharge and the creative ideas naturally find themselves to me. I like to look at things from a new lens. I always, regardless of the feedback when I want to introduce something new and different, something outside the box, I don’t think there will be a day when a brand or someone in the industry will say that we copied them. Because we really don’t.
I invite change and embrace it because there is always something exciting to look forward to.

5. How do you envision the future of luxury storytelling evolving in fashion, and what role do you see your brand playing in shaping that narrative, one that is unforgettable and unique?
Ans. As a brand that thrives on bold prints and exuberance, I recognize that there will come a time when we must embrace a quieter, more understated approach akin to quiet wealth. I understand that this transition is inevitable, and we are gradually moving in that direction.
However, for the time being, I am relishing the opportunity to indulge in creating more artistic pieces that forge connections and leave the wearer yearning for more from Victor. While some of our designs may defy conventional logic, I take pleasure in crafting show-stopping ensembles.

Looking ahead, I envision the future of luxury to be characterized by a sense of tranquility, with greater emphasis placed on elegant silhouettes and less on vibrant prints and overt branding. This evolution is one that we are poised to embrace as we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of fashion.

6.You’ve accomplished so much and surely it must be a proud moment for you with relation to your anniversary issue. What has been the proudest moment for you or is there something more you want to accomplish?
Ans. I often remark that I haven’t truly begun yet. Despite having spent a decade here in the Emirates, I feel as though I’m just getting started. The most joyous moment of my life occurred when we moved into our own building at Maison D’ Vie. Here, everything is consolidated under one roof – the concept store, offices, artistic designers, and design studio.
I’m excited to share that here at Dubai Digital Park, we’re working on something entirely new. We’re establishing our own hub, and I can confidently say that come January next year, both my life and that of my business partner will undergo significant positive transformations.

For now, this is all I can disclose, but stay tuned for more updates!

Dragana Draca-The Celestial Prodigy of Femininity and Strength
1.How do you ensure that Maison D’ Vie stays ahead of the curve in discovering emerging fashion brands, and what criteria do you use to select these unique labels from up-and-coming fashion capitals?
Answer: I consider myself a highly creative and diverse individual. My aim is to think outside the box, offering customers a wide array of designs and brands. I’m particularly drawn to femininity, aligning with the elegant tastes of women in Dubai.

2.Could you elaborate on how Maison D’ Vie plans to seamlessly integrate the Blended Retail Experience into the luxury retail landscape, and what innovative technologies or strategies are being employed to enhance the customer journey both online and offline?
Answer: At Maison D’ Vie, we work closely with stylists and personal shoppers. Our fashion studios are open for bloggers, and we host brand presentations and in-store shows to provide an enriching experience. We’re also looking into implementing loyalty cards to further engage our customers.

3.The designs presented by the brands in Maison D’Vie are meant to empower women. What inspires you when it comes to making women feel unapologetically themselves?
Answer: Women are inherently unique, and I want to emphasize that the designs showcased at Maison D’Vie are tailored for them. By steering away from repetitive designs, we offer women the opportunity to express their individuality and stay ahead of fashion trends.

4.Given the emphasis on creating delightful experiences for customers, can you share any specific initiatives or partnerships Maison D’Vie is pursuing to elevate the shopping experience beyond traditional retail paradigms?
Answer: We’re dedicated to presenting brands in a dynamic manner, encouraging women to explore our store. Through brand presentations and versatile clothing options, we strive to maintain a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience. It’s truly gratifying to receive testimonials from customers who’ve had exceptional shopping experiences at Maison D’Vie.

5.Are there any new projects you are currently working on that you would like to share with the magazine?
Answer: We’re gearing up to launch our own collection and introduce a special show, along with exciting collaborations. I prefer to keep the details under wraps for now and surprise our customers with what’s in store.

6.Any fashion trends you aren’t particularly fond of?
Answer: Personally, I’m not a fan of oversized clothing for women or bulky shoes. I believe such trends detract from the innate femininity and allure that women naturally possess. It’s essential for women to embrace styles that accentuate their silhouette.

7.If you were to look back, what are some of the personal achievements you’ve accomplished that you’d like to share with us?
Answer: Opening Maison D’Vie was a significant milestone for me. Initially, we faced challenges as an unknown entity in the industry, struggling to attract brands to work with us. However, we’ve come a long way since then, now representing numerous reputable brands. My ultimate goal is to transform Maison D’Vie into a global department store, maintaining its welcoming atmosphere.

Kevin Oliver-The Celestial Prodigy of Movement and Melody

1. Kevin, as both a choreographer and a fashion-conscious director, how do you intertwine movement and costume design to tell a richer story on stage?
Answer: It depends on the canvas. If it’s pure theatre or fashion, that’s different. Lately, I’ve been aiming to combine all my strengths in things I excel at. I now view fashion almost as I do a theatre piece. I advise my clients to divide their pieces into three acts, guiding them to start with something simpler with a bit of flair, and closing with evening wear. The approach varies from client to client. Music plays a crucial role in fashion shows, as it narrates a story too. I consider it a success when an audience member tells me they felt moved by my creative direction from the start of the show.

2.As a composer for theater, how do you ensure your music not only fits the director’s vision but also becomes a standout element in the production?
Answer: When I read the first words of a script, I envision how to position the actors on stage and craft the background score to complement the story. Everything harmonizes together.

3.Could you share a unique method you use to choreograph scenes that go beyond mere entertainment to truly engage and captivate the audience?
Answer: There’s no one-size-fits-all method for me. Each show and client is unique. I consider factors like the theme, season, and style. I always aim to find a musical standout that resonates with the brand, avoiding mainstream radio tunes. Each show deserves its own track, specially created to enhance the experience.

4.When coming up with new ideas, how do you navigate between creating original pieces and incorporating existing music to enhance the production’s atmosphere?
Answer: My life involves two aspects: theatrical events and fashion shows. Theatrical events demand extensive rehearsals and collaboration to create a lasting impact, while fashion shows have shorter preparation times and evoke a different sensation. When I’m dealing with theater, I immerse myself in the story, the rehearsals carried out and the actors involved. Every line, every movement, and every stage setting is refined to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Here, creativity knows no bounds, and the synergy between actors, directors, designers, and technicians fuels the creation of something extraordinary.
In contrast, the world of fashion shows is a whirlwind of excitement and innovation, where creativity dances down the runway with effortless grace. With shorter preparation times and an ever-evolving landscape, fashion shows demand adaptability and a keen eye for emerging trends. From the intricate stitching of haute couture gowns to the avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of style, each garment tells its own unique story and evokes a sensation that is both immediate and ephemeral.

5.Where do most of your inspirations come from?
Answer: Creativity flourishes when you have material to work with. For plays, I immediately start brainstorming ways to create something exceptional. With fashion shows, I begin with a solid plan and seek out innovative designers who excite me. I research undiscovered designers with unique looks. When someone copies my style, I instinctively switch gears. Being an individual is my mantra.

6.What would you say is your proudest achievement?
Answer: My proudest moment was my last project with Gems, which showcased my musical career. It’s a tribute to the musicals I’ve created and marks the culmination of my journey, which began in Dubai in the 90s. I’ve seen tremendous growth in Dubai, and I feel I’ve grown alongside it. I’m content to close that chapter of my life. Looking ahead, I aspire to produce a film based on my rock-musical Shakuntala, last featured in the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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