Words @3AM: Falling For Purple, Falling For Love

It’s 3AM and my mind refuses to let me sleep. My heart is pounding thunderously against the brittle walls of my chest, waiting to explode like a ticking time bomb. It’s 3AM and I want to confess. Not because it’s time. It’s because I want to let out and stop being afraid and denying that it’s a beautiful concept. ‘It’ being ‘LOVE’. And yes I found myself cringing when I said it. However, I felt relieved when I said it because I’m glad no one else heard it but me. So what exactly is it that I’m trying to say? 

When I think about love, I like to think of it as a purple butterfly with celestial wings that guide me in the right direction, making me believe I have nothing to lose. I don’t. Because Purple is always here with me, by my side 24/7. Love is a beautiful concept that exists in all of us. It is like a flower that needs to be nurtured, protected and cherished. Love is a beautiful concept that most of us, especially kids my age don’t really understand. Now before you proceed to jump the gun at me, hear me out.

Love isn’t about you feeling attracted towards a person just by looking at them. Love is about the vibrance you feel inside and you want to spread it out and hopefully share it with someone, making them feel equally good, secure and vibrant on the inside, further completing each other as a whole. Love is about doing one good deed everyday and you feel like a hero of some sort. Even if you may not necessarily get back the response you’d want, it shouldn’t matter because you feel incredible. You feel wonderful and you want to keep experiencing little bouts of happiness like this as your life continues to progress. Love is about investing in certain activities and developing your passions that make you happy. That makes you invincible. That makes you feel you have what it takes to rule the world. This is what love does to you. It makes you feel. It makes you evoke the right emotions making you into someone who’s magnetic. And this is what I aim to experience. I want to love. I want to feel it regardless of where I’m at in my life…I want to be able to feel it all the time.

Purple is the ideal representation of love. 

Hopefully, as I continue to grow and advance mentally and professionally, I think I’m ready to love. Ready to experience with the right person who’d hopefully be my forever. My equal. Someone who’d walk with me through the cracks and we just emerge a lot stronger than we originally were. Where there’s mutual love, freedom and respect between us, not wanting to make each other over. There’s goodness, vibrance and positivity everywhere I go.  I believe in love. I believe in purple because it’s a color that signifies what I want and what I seek to immerse myself in when I find the one. Purple, the color that signifies love. Harmony, security, delight, passion and the main ingredients…respect and love with a dash of fairytale magic. A color that makes me feel brave. Courageous. A color that makes me feel like a sword-wielding princess. A color that makes me believe. 

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