Words @3AM: The Unique You

There’s a thin line between Inspiration and Stealing. Inspiration is when you are motivated in creating your own identity based on the people and the surroundings that give you that force in making your passions, your ideas and creativity into a reality. Stealing is when you get inspired by watching someone else’s creativity and you still recreate the exact same look or idea no matter how hard you try and replicate it in various angles. Without a doubt, style is for everybody. Fashion is for everybody. Creation and ideas are for everybody. But where is the variety? What is your story and what does it aim to present? What is your personality and how would you want people to remember you? 

For instance, when we think about movies such as the Godfather trilogy or Phantom of the Opera, these are two legendary or should I say…iconic films that can’t ever be replicated. Similarly in fashion, there are a few celebrity trailblazers in fashion, whose style can’t be replicated at all, no matter how hard one tries. We remember Lady Gaga for her eccentric, otherworldly and eye-catching fashion choices. Anna Wintour for her sun-glasses, and the symbolic body-suit that Cher had worn at the 1974 Grammy awards. But when it comes to you…how would you let your inner fashionista shine, based on your clothing choices? How would you want the viewers to perceive you and your style? 

It is okay to not have a clear mindset on what you are looking for, let alone know the kind of clothes that describe you best. Creating your own style and your own brand may sound intimidating, but it’ll sound less scary as you’ll gradually develop your own, unique look overtime. Because style is visual, creating an inspiration board on Pinterest helps. Search through celebrities whose style you particularly admire, or simply scroll through your feed for outfits that stand out differently from the rest. Are you someone who is fascinated with light or dark colours? Are you more edgy and street or are you someone who loves to be breezy and chic? Classy and elegant? Start noting down specific items that you want to wear together, because they are elements that add to your personality. 

The goal is to create your personal, unique style. Not to become a follower of trends.  People often associate “fashion” with “style,” but really, they are two completely different things. This confusion often results in individuals thinking that style is known to be a big deal due to the pressure of looking trendy. Forget the idea of looking fashionable, because what really matters is you looking and feeling good with your style. Own thyself. Forget about what celebrity is wearing what item. 

Last but not the least, don’t hesitate in exploring your choices. Be experimental and of course, be unique. It might be a bit scary giving other looks a try. We wonder, “What if people think this dress isn’t for me?” or “What if this outfit makes my arms look big?” Having doubts like these are normal and they can’t wear you down. The whole purpose in creating your own style, your own looks is for you to feel content and good about yourself. Don’t hesitate in colouring outside the lines. If wearing pleated skirts with fishnet stockings sounds outrageous to others but in your mind, you know you love it then who is going to stop you? NO ONE!

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