You are The Main Character

Sonder, a beautiful word that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. In fact, I will say the word every waking morning and every closing night just because of the immense depth that word holds. ‘Sonder’ means, the realization that everyone, the people you see at your work, the people you commute with, the people honking along with you at traffic jam, the people you share an elevator with in your building, and every single passing stranger on the street are people living a complex life of their own with their own thoughts and emotions, co-existing with us whether we are aware of it or not. The depth of that realization is so incalculable because this means, every single one of us are the main characters in our lives.
I know that so many of us are weighed by the thought that we may never be the main character ever. We dread we might just forever be labelled the side character or the extras or worse, not even included as a character, but that’s not true. Every single one of us have led a life, crossed obstacles that were specifically designed for us, have dealt with people of all kinds just to harden our hearts and have finally come to this point in our life where I’m writing this and you’re reading my words. We are here because not only are we the main characters in our lives, but we play so many other roles in the lives of so many people. We are the supporting roles in some, the extras in some, even the villains in some but that’s not all we are. In our lives, in our stories we are the protagonist. We are the hero rising from ashes with every hurdle thrown our way and we are the main character bathed in the spotlight of life.

With the brand-new year of 2023 afoot, it is absolutely thrilling to look forward to all the adventures we are yet to embark on. There are so many new people we are yet to meet and there so many events that are yet to take place in our lives. So many good things and bad things we don’t know, lingering in the mystery of the future, waiting for us to come towards it. But, time will reveal that for us when we are ready. Until then, find peace within you. Settle in the comfort of your skin, your emotions and the very being of who you are because to think that there is not another you out there, is reason enough for you to take pride in yourself. Ensure this would be the year you show yourself the love you haven’t been able to give yourself all these years because this year is different.
Self-love comes from within. When you spot a spark of self-admiration within you about the way you do things in your own way and begin to enjoy your own company, that’s when you know you’ve found yourself. This is about understanding you, your thoughts, your feelings, your likes, your dislikes and every aspect of who you are. When you know who you are, that’s when you know what it’s like to be the main character. You don’t need others to make you feel like one. Your thoughts are your narrator and every part of your life begins to feel like a movie because you know it’s only a mere scene in the sagacious movie of your life.
Venture on a splendid journey of self-love, become the hero you’ve always wanted to be, don your cape of confidence and make 2023 an unforgettable year of your own!

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