6 books on the amorous romance of the regency era


If you’ve rewatched the Bridgerton series or the movie Pride & Prejudice at least five times and spent your night throwing a fit in your room because not only are you never going to have a steaming ‘enemies to lovers’ trope with a mysterious but achingly handsome duke or a stoic but admirably charming viscount, but you will also never be a part of a world of secret kisses in the garden, burning tension when ballroom dancing, sweet banters while promenading and last but not least, exchanging covert letters, catching secret glimpses, speaking the sophisticated language of the elite and many more! Oh, the magic in the fictionalized version of the era of courtship and curtsies is unfathomable. The whole era of regency that we’ve been shown on screen and in the written pages of novels has made us want that kind of irresistible and absolutely consuming type of romance at least once in a lifetime. Here’s a selection of novels written by exceptional authors that whisk you away to the magnificent era of romance and all sorts of drama that keeps the flame in us hopeless romantics, burn brighter.

1. The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles
After spending twenty years of his life in exile in China, Lucien Vaudrey returns to England quite reluctantly. He seems to have inherited his family’s earldom, due to his father and his brother’s murder under mysterious circumstances, but that’s not the only reason why he decided to come home. He may have also inherited a quite haunting curse that only seems to be getting worse. The new Lord Crane’s servant suggests he hires a mage and perfectly timed, Stephan Day, a practitioner, who has every reason to hate the Crane family, steps up only because he is in desperate need of money. The two protagonists have their very own questions, needs, and curiosities but not only do they serve each other’s purposes, but also begin to experience an unexplainable tension that solidifies between them, which could grow into a blazing romance they don’t quite expect. Step into the fast-paced mysterious and passionate romance tale of Lord Crane and Stephan Day, authored by KJ Charles.

2. The Best Intentions by Sarah M. Eden
Amidst the unforgiving remarks of London society, thrives two lonely souls harboring devastating secrets of their own that could exile them from everything they have struggled for. Gillian Phelps, wounded by her abusive father and a harsh past, deals with her very own secrets that even “the huntresses” are not aware of. The huntresses are Gillian’s group of friends, and they are called the huntresses because their leader’s name is Artemis. These ladies protect each other from the merciless torment of society and provide refuge for those ladies that desperately need someone on their side. Meanwhile, Scott Sarvol, a gentleman of the Ton, even though on the exterior may have temporarily convinced everyone of his decent stature, finds himself neck deep in dept. But all changes when he is met with Gillian at Artemis Jonquil’s house party. The two learn to trust each other with their darkness. They find warmth in each other despite the crushing cold society they live in. In this heart-warming tale of strife and love, Gillian and Scott unravel an uncharted world of happiness and home just for each other. An emotional and tender novel written by Sarah M. Eden.

3. Beneath his silence by Hannah Linder

Ella Pemberton, the second daughter of a Baron, is expected to be a governess, even though she has no interests of such, given her mischevious and playful nature. But becoming a governess is not an option but a task to complete if she wants access to the Wyckhorn manor, to uncover the truth about her sister’s murderer. Lord Sedgewick is a man of lies and deception with the blood of many on his hand, who has no one but his son to care for. Whilst wallowing in the darkness of his own demons and the haunting halls of the manor, Ella’s presence whirls through the manor like a breath of fresh air. Completely bewitched by the governess, Lord Sedgwick is brought to the realisation that his walls are being torn down quite charmingly by Ella Pemberton. For those looking for a gothic recency romance set in a glum castle along the shores, this one is just for you! Take a stroll through the haunting halls of Wyckhorn manor alongside Ella and Lord Sedgwick, a slow-paced debut novel, authored by Hannah Linder. 

4. The Sisters of the Sea View by Julie Klassen

With not many ways of making money after the death of their father, Sarah Summers convinces her sisters to open their seaside home to the elderly and care for them, in order to provide for their ailing mother. It doesn’t take much convincing with Emily and Georgiana, but Viola absolutely loathes the idea since she remains veiled to hide the scars on her skin and the many scars that go far deep. Thrilled to get started on their new venture, the sisters expectantly wait to welcome the elderly with open arms but are instantly caught off guard when their guests turn out to be eligible gentlemen, and to be precise, a Scottish widower in particular, who seems to be attracting every pixel of Sarah’s attention. Meanwhile, Viola is met with her first client, a wounded officer in his thirties, who just might expose those scars she has been hiding behind her veil and those scars that go deeper. Take a trip to the seaside home on the Devonshire coast with the Summers sisters, a kaleidoscope of love, friendship, and new beginnings, written by Julie Klassen.


5. The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

Highwayman, the dark past that snatched away Kit Webb of his best friend and his ability to horseback ride, still haunts him even though he retired from being a highwayman and now runs his own coffee shop in London. His walls begin to close on him quite slowly when a certain arrogant yet striking aristocrat walks into the little shop of Kit. Edward Percy has his eyes on a book, that is never too far from his father’s grasp. That book belonged to his mother, and it just might have all the answers to Percy’s questions. He seeks out the help of Kit Webb, or at least his skills in thievery. Both committed for the betterment of the other, find out, they just might have that lustful tension brewing between them which could potentially grow into something more ailing. An immersive and healing romantic tale set in the eighteenth century authored by Cat Sebastian. 

6. Always be My Duchess by Amalie Howard

Genevieve Varley comes to London in hopes of finding ways to make money, to be able to support her injured sister back home in Paris but finding people who want to hire a Ballerina dancer was not easy. While she goes about her life with no means to make any money, she rescues the Duke of Montcroix, Lysander Blackstone from cutpurses in Covent Garden. Both of them have found the answers to their relentless struggles. The duke requires a lady to pose as his future fiancé in courting and he is willing to pay heavily. The ruse may have convinced everyone but, doubts begin to spark within themselves as they begin to enjoy each other’s company. Read through this swoon-worthy romance novel about Neve and Stone, written by Amalie Howard.

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