A Bookworm’s Dream


As a bookworm myself, I’ve always wanted to sit somewhere utterly picturesque with my most favourite books and become one with the beautiful scenery as a lose myself in a completely different world of fiction, fantasy and romance. I’m sure many of us book nerds have always wanted a spot somewhere in this world to be just ours, a spot where we can go at any time of the day, with a book, a drink, something to munch on. Here’s a list of places I wish to read a book at least once in my life time.

1. A Quaint Library
The first one is very obvious but it’s one of the top classic spots everyone of has ever dreamed. Picture this, one fine day, you wake up, take a stroll to the nearest café, grab a warm cup of coffee as you head to the nearest library with old wooden doors and shelves that tower tall with ladders along it, long mahogany tables and chairs lined up as the soft sunlight streams through, lifting the little dust particles dancing in the light and last but not least, a friendly librarian who shares a pleasant chat with every time you visit. It is such a lovely escape for those that need a break from the constant noise of their life. If there’s an old library near where you live and it has a pleasant librarian who looks like they share a good chat, try paying a visit, you just might fall in love with it.

2. A Bonfire in The Winter
Sitting around a crackling bonfire, under a million stars, in the middle of a chilly winter, with all sorts of pillows and blankets set around, as your friends are having light hearted conversations, one of them is strumming their guitar very slowly, as they hum a few lines of their own song and then there you are, in the comfort of the existence of your friends and the warmth of the bright fire that dances before you with your book to lull you to a world where the protagonist embarks on great adventures take you along with them as you flip through each page. This scenario is definitely every introvert’s dream, to simply exist in the presence of the people they feel the most comfortable around, without having to behave to please anyone, but themselves.


3. A Cozy Van Parked on a Hill
Van-life has been lately trending on Instagram and TikTok and all the cottagecore fans/ Aesthetic life fans are absolutely here for it. First of all, their home, the van is set up so beautifully. They’ve got such cozy mattresses, pillows, blankets, fairylights, drawers and shelves and the prettiest decorations. Nothing is extra and they’ve got everything they’ll ever need, all packed away in a little van which they can drive around anywhere and everywhere. Imagine reading a book in your very own van, tucked under your blankets with the back doors opened, overlooking a sunset over a hill. Yep! That’s a main character moment I’d love to experience.

4. A Window Nook on a Rainy day
Anyone who has a window nook in their home or room, just know that you are envied greatly. On a rainy day you get to sit by the clear window with a music blasting through your head phones as you overlook a damp street while having the time of your life with your favourite book. The window nook is so much more than that for book nerds, because, it is also a great spot to have a good cry when your favourite character dies or when you’ve had an exceptional read, you can sit in your nook and look out the window and into the stars, letting your thoughts wonder about how you wish you could read that book again for the first time all over again. We all have one such book like that. What is yours?

5. A Swimming Pool
By a swimming pool I don’t mean reading while swimming. Just, sitting by the pool with your pants rolled up till your knees and your legs immersed in the cool water, swirling the water around, creating tiny little ripples as the pool pans out before you with wavering and gleaming lights, casting through the water and best of all, the little rippling sound of the water, burbling in soft rhythms. Spending time by any water body is an absolute bliss just because of the beautiful element it is. By the shore, a lake, a stream, a pond, a fountain and obviously a pool! Any water body is perfect, but a swimming pool has its own calm and relaxing vibe that cannot be defeated by any other.

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